ES Senior Theses

May 2013

CLOW, Brian

Integrated Landscape-scale Conservation Planning in Vermont (ES Program Office)


Symbionts, Cyborgs, and Other Companions (ES Program Office)

January 2013

SINGH, Siddheshwar Smaran

Policy Effects on the European Carbon Market: An Econometric Analysis and Policy Assessment of the European Union Emission Trading Scheme (EU-ETS) (ES Program Office)

NOBLE, Olivia

“The American way of life is not negotiable”: The impact of the North/South divide on the negotiation of the Millennium Development Goals (ES Program Office)

May 2012


Urban Air Pollution and Health Effects: A Study of Four Mexican Cities. Advisor: Jon Isham (ES Program Office).

January 2012


Environmental Crisis: Landscape, Nature, and Disaster in John Steinbeck's The Grapes of Wrath, Jane Smiley's A Thousand Acres, and Don DeLillo's White NoiseAdvisor: Dan Brayton (ES Program Office).

May 2011


The Small Farmer is Alive and Well and Living in France. Advisor: David Bain (ES Program Office).

IGO, Renee

Thirst for Adventure: Exploring Arizona's Desert in Winter.Advisor: David Bain (ES Program Office).

LEHNHART, Brittany

Exploring Place Through Science and Art: From Juneau, Alaska to Middlebury, Vermont. Advisors: Andrea Olsen and Hedya Klein (ES Program Office).


Obstacles to Wholesale Markets Faced by Sustainable Farmers. Advisor: Nick Muller (ES Program Office).

January 2011


Integrating Community Forest Management into a REDD+ Policy Framework: The case of GuateCarbon, a payments for environmental services project in the Maya Biosphere Reserve in Guatemala. Advisor: David Stoll (ES Program Office).

May 2010

FISHER, Alexandra

Environmental Policy and Water Quality in the Lake Champlain Basin: From Local Collaboration to International Cooperation. Advisor: Chris McGrory Klyza.

MAYTAG, Samantha

"A Daughter of the Ranch": The Value of Grass-fed Beef for the Local Food Movement. Advisor: John Elder.

January 2010


Appalachia's Old Guard. Advisor: Christopher Shaw (ES Program office).

May 2009


I went to the mountaintop, but it wasn't there: Christian Responses to Mountaintop Removal Coal Mining in Appalachia. Advisor: Rebecca Gould (ES Program office).

SHELDON, Zoe Jewett

Sprawl and Biotic Homogenization: The Effects of Diffuse Residential Development on Vertebrate Wildlife. Advisor: Steve Trombulak (ES Program office).


Living Proof: Historical Narratives of Diet and Cancer in the Mid-Twentieth Century. Advisor: Kathy Morse (ES Program office).

January 2009

KELLEY, Elizabeth Anne

The Implications of the "Greening" of Social Capital: Evidence from Bristol, Vermont. Advisor: Jonathan Isham (ES Program office).


Square Peg, Round Hole: A Case Study of the NGO-Village Interactions of TFCG and Sagara Village, Tanzania. Advisor: Jacob Tropp (ES Program Office).

May 2008

FLAGG, Kathryn

Dead Reckoning, or On the Impulses of Early Cartographers.  Advisor: Jennifer Bates (ES Program office)

GAMELL, Ashley Anne

The Imaginary Landscape: Artwork of the New York City Outdoors.  Advisor: Daniel Brayton (ES Program office)


The Impact of Environmental Change in the Adirondack Lowland Boreal: Creating a Monitoring Plan.  Advisor: Matthew Landis (ES Program office)


A Balancing Act: The Lieberman-Warner Climate Security Act of 2008 (S. 2191).  Advisor: Christopher Klyza (ES Program office)


Louisiana's Vanishing Wetlands: The Quiet Crisis.  Advisor: Christopher Shaw (ES Program office)

POLFUS, Claire

Thawing the Winter, Wintering the Thaw: Vermont's Coldest Season in the Face of Climate Change.  Advisor: David Bain (ES Program office)

May 2007


The Distribution of Marine Protected Areas in the United States Across Levels of Protection: A New Tool for Classification.  Advisor: Steven Trombulak (ES Program Office)


The Quest of Environmental Travel Literature: nature and self in modern travel narratives.  Advisors: Daniel Brayton and John Elder (ES Program Office)


Eco-theology, Environmental Consciousness and Action within the Middlebury Faith Community.  Advisor: Rebecca Gould (ES Program Office)

May 2006

BATES, William

Framing the Climate Change Movement – Religion, Spirituality, and Social Change. Advisors: Jonathan Isham and William McKibben (ES Program Office)

LEIBACH, Patrick

A National Renewable Portfolio Standard: Lessons from Nevada and Pennsylvania. Advisor: Jonathan Isham (ES Program Office)

January 2006


Empowering Environmentalism: A Socioeconomic Analysis of Energy Consumption; Awareness, Attitudes and Actions in Vermont. Advisor: Jonathan Isham (ES Program Office)

May 2005

BECK, Alison

An Exploration of the Relationship Between Humans and Healing Plants: Designing an educational garden for the Middlebury College Campus. Advisor: Andrea Lloyd (ES Program office)


Sequential Chemical Extraction: Determination of Reagent Selectivity On Eight Mineral Standards. Advisor: Peter Ryan (ES Program office)

LONG, Caitlyn

Acid Precipitation and Nutrient Cycling: Analysis of a Watershed in the Breadloaf Area of Ripton, VT. Advisor: Peter Ryan (ES Program office)

OWEN, Emily

A Meta-analysis of Rapid Biodiversity Assessments as a Conservation Tool: The Evolution and Effectiveness of Conservation International's Rapid Assessment Program and The Nature Conservancy's Rapid Ecological Assessments. Advisor: Steve Trombulak (ES Program office)

CLOAK, Trevor

Sequential Chemical Extraction of Costa Rican and Green Mountain Soils: A Quantitative and Qualitative Examination of the SCE Procedure. Advisor: Peter Ryan (ES Program office)

May 2004


Conserving a 'Living Fossil' Charting a Sustainable Management Policy for the Atlantic Horseshoe Crab Fishery in Delaware Bay, 173p. Advisor: Prof. Chris McGrory Klyza (ES Program office)


Destructive Fishing Practices in the Sulu-Celebes Sea Region: Comparing National Management Strategies for Sustainable Reef Fisheries, 156p. Advisor: Prof. David Rosenberg (ES Program office)

SMITH, Sara Elizabeth Smiley

The Many Roads to Remediation: Differing Motivations for Communities Facing Toxic Contamination, 91p. Advisor: Prof. Kathryn Morse (ES Program office)

THROOP, Lauren

A Multi-Dimensional Analysis of Wind Energy at Middlebury College's Worth Mountain, 156p. Advisor: Rich Wolfson (ES Program office)


Migration Strategies and Stopover Ecology of Blackcaps (Sylvia atricapilla)In Eilat, Israel (Special Collections)

January 2004

ROUSH, William M.

Envisioning a Changing Alpine Environment Through Repeat Photography in Glacier National Park, Montana, 85p. Advisor: Prof. Jeff Munroe (ES Program office)

May 2003


Drawing the Line: Informal Property Rights in a Nova Scotian Lobster Fishery, 132p. Advisors: Prof. Chris McGrory Klyza and Prof. Jon Isham (ES Program office)

COX, Dalton

Modeling the Relationship Between Sediment Loading and Native Plant Species Recovery in Vermont Lakes, Advisor: Prof. Sallie Sheldon (ES Program office)

GREGG, Kaitlin

Peace on Earth and With Earth: Stories of the Earth Charter and Vermont Activism, 119p. (ES Program office)

OLDS, Jr., Glenn R.

Suburban Sublime: A Parents Guide to Reconnecting with Your Children Through Your Backyard, 91p. Advisor: Prof. John Elder (ES Program office)

May 2002

CALVI, Benjamin Lightfoot

Stories of Home: A Seasonal exploration of Family and Place, 125p. Advisors: Prof. John Elder and Prof. Andrea Olsen (ES Program office)

MARLOW, Jennifer Jane, May 2003

Science and "Women's Ways of Knowing:" Jane Goodall, Vandana Shiva, and Rachel Carson, 88p. Advisor: Prof. John Elder (ES Program office)


Reviewing the Last 21,000 Years: Paleoclimate Reconstructions and a Search for Modern Berugian Analogs in Northern Mongolia, 53p. Advisor: Prof. Steven B. Young (ES Program office)

STERN, Jacob, May 2003

Not Another Starbucks! The Effects of Post-Rent Control Era Gentrification in Cambridge, Massachusetts, 70p. Advisor: Prof. David Stoll (ES Program office)

February and January 2002

KIEVES, Nicola K.

A Temporal and Spatial Analysis of Six Vermont Bird Species, Advisor: Prof. Steve Trombulak (ES Program office)


Managing Growth in a Rural Environment: How the Ideal Image of the Green Mountain State is Shaped by the Ski Industry and the People of Vermont, 79 p. Advisor: Prof. Chris McGrory Klyza (ES Program office)


Paleoecology of Northern Beringia Reconstruction Based on Macrofossil Plant Remains from Zhocov Island, Siberia, 44p. Advisor: Dr. Steven B. Young (Center for Northern Studies) (ES Program office)

May 2001


The succession of woody vegetation in abandoned floodplain hay fields along Otter Creek in Addison County, Vermont, 54p. Advisor: Prof. Mary Gaudette (ES Program office)


Lessons of Curitiba, and other tales of urban ecological salvation, 90p. Advisor: Prof. Chris McGrory Klyza (ES Program office)

February 2001

BILLS, Corey B.

The Divine Sickness: Christianity and Exile Among the Karen, 115p. Advisor: Prof. David Stoll (ES Program office)

YELTON, Lourie

Use of immunocontraception for the management of white-tailed deer and feral horses, 66p. Advisor: Prof. Steve Trombulak (ES Program office)

May 2000

BERDOULAY, Genevieve

"If Art Could Tell…" Language and Nature in the Poetry of Milton, Wordsworth, and Frost, 90p. Advisor: Prof. John Elder (ES Program office)


Environmental Justice as a Result of Urban Environmental Education, 94p. Advisor: Prof. John Elder (ES Program office)

KAUTZ, Michael Quist

Seasons – Poems and Stories of New England (ES Program office)

PHILIPPS, David Nathaniel

A Mountain Year – The holistic history of Mount Rosa, 146p. Advisor: Kathy Skubikowski (ES Program office)

SCHICK, Katharine R.

Patterns and implications of porcupine (Erithizon dorsatum) herbivory of white spruce (Picea glacua) at tree-line on the Seward Peninsula, 36 p. Advisors: Prof. Andrea Lloyd and Prof. Chris Fastie (ES Program office)

STOLL, Alison P.

The Role of Public Environmental Education Programs for Endangered Species, 78p. Advisor: Prof. Judith Layzer (ES Program office)

TURNER, Catherine

Stewardship in C.S. Lewis and Wendell Berry: A Christian Environmental Vision, 121p. Advisor: Prof. John Elder (ES Program office)


Fire and Vegetation History Inferred from Stratigraphic Records of Soil Charcoal and Plant Macrofossils on the Seward Peninsula, Alaska, 50p. Advisors: Prof. Andrea Lloyd and Prof. Christopher Fastie (ES Program office)

February 2000


Running Back to Milkweed Valley, 110p. (ES Program office)

SNIDER, Elise Apple

Starting with a Feather: Natural History and Scale, 86p. (ES Program office)

May 1999

BONESS, Melissa M.

Whale Watching: An Evaluation of Current Regulatory Efforts and their Consistency with Available Scientific Information, 52p. Advisor: Prof. Judith Layzer (ES Program office)


Building a Teaching Landscape for Bicentennial Hall, Middlebury College, 50p. (ES Program office)


Water Thinking, 101p. Advisor: Prof. John Elder (ES Program office)

Fall 1998


A Prayer For the Wild (video) (ES Program office)

May 1998


A Study of the Ecological Effects of Wildfire and Prescribed Burning in the New Jersey Pine Barrens, 51p. Advisor: Prof. Steve Trombulak (ES Program office)

MELLO, Jessica

Bermuda's Diverse Landscape: A Walking Guide to Bermuda's Nature and Culture along the Railway Trail, 98p. Advisor: Prof. John Elder (ES Program office)

NICHOLS, Sarah Langille

Forging Connections: Interdisciplinary, Place-based, Environmental Education for the First Grade, 75p. Advisor: Prof. John Elder (ES Program office)


Teachers, Wild and Friends Community-Based Environmental Education, 98p. Advisor: Prof. John Elder (ES Program office)

February 1998

HINDLE, Jill Lindley

Weybridge, Vermont: Meditations on the Ecology of a Community, 157p. (ES Program office)

May 1997

ARVOLD, Virginia H.

Tracing the Lake: A Landscape of Memory, 57p. Advisor: Prof. John Elder (ES Program office)


Basket Stories, 49p. Advisors: Prof. Robert Pack and Prof. John Elder (ES Program office)

BALCH, Graham

The Republican's Environmental Policy, 104p. Advisor: Prof. Chris McGrory Klyza (ES Program office)


The Call of the Wild: The Restoration of Adirondack Wolves, 151p. Advisor: Prof. Steve Trombulak (ES Program office)


Property, Freedom and the Environment in America: an Exploration of the Regulatory Takings Debate, 79p. Advisor: Prof. Chris McGrory Klyza (ES Program office)


Middlebury College Solar Greenhouse, 30p. Advisor: Prof. Andrea Lloyd (ES Program office)

LEE, Alexander Putnam

The Complex Task of Living Simply, 128p. Advisor: Prof. John Elder (ES Program office)

LEWIS, Hannah

Agricultural Education: Broadening the Context and Goals, 53p. Advisor: Prof. Gary Nielsen (ES Program office)

January 1997

VYNNE, Carly

Upholding the Mandate: Olympic National Park & Restoration Management, 165p. Advisor: Prof. Chris McGrory Klyza (ES Program office)


Western Science and an Alaskan Eskimo Village: Assessing the Impact of Wildlife Research Campus on Chevak, Alaska, 45p. Advisor: Nick Flanders (ES Program office)

May 1996

ALLARD, Nicole A.

Forest Roundtables in Maine, Vermont and New Hampshire, 38p. (ES Program office)

EDSELL, Jennifer

Whose Woods These Are: Managing the Northern Forest as an Ecosystem in spite of Political Boundaries, 138p. Advisor: Prof. Chris McGrory Klyza (ES Program office)

GREENE, Nicole Joy

Saying Thou To The Land: An Educational Journey to Wholeness, 129p. Advisor: Prof. John Elder (ES Program office)

POZATEK, Kristine Alison

Scars in the Kenyan Landscape: Moving Beyond the World Bank's Paradigm of Development, 121p. Advisor: Prof. John Elder (ES Program office)

January 1996


Creating an Environmental Center at Middlebury College, 100p. Advisor: Prof. Chris McGrory Klyza (ES Program office)

Fall 1995


Religious Influence on International Population Policy, 80p. Advisor: Prof. Chris McGrory Klyza (ES Program office)


Hierba Buena, 110p. Advisor: Prof. John Elder

May 1995

AIKENHEAD, Emily Kristen

From Hoover Dam to James Bay: An examination of the societal changes affecting the building of large dams and hydro-electric projects, 62p. (ES Program office)


Tanzanian National Parks: A Western Ideal in an African Reality, 93p. Advisor: Prof. Spencer (ES Program office)


An Analysis of Angler Influence and Salmonid Fisheries Management in Vermont, 63p. Advisor: Prof. Chris McGrory Klyza (ES Program office)

STEWART, Roberta J.

Marked by the Sun A Series of Essays, 58p. Advisor: David Bain (ES Program office)

SUNG, Sarah

Industry Advantage? Political Action Committees and the Fate of Environmental Legislation, 67p. Advisor: Prof. Chris McGrory Klyza (ES Program office)

February 1995


Autumn Cadence a natural history of faith, 101p. (ES Program office)

HIPPLE, Annika S.

Crisis and Conservation: Environmental Issues and Awareness in Ecuador, 138p. Advisor: David Andrews (ES Program office)

December 1994

SMITH, Megan A.

Obtaining the Goals of Environmental Education: A Joint-Effort Proposal for Environmental Education Centers and Public Schools, 47p. (ES Program office)

May 1994


Returning to the Field: The Growth of My Ideas on Nature and Education, 49p. Advisor: Prof. John Elder (ES Program office)


Experiential Learning and the Development of Ecological Literacy, 59p. (ES Program office)

January and February 1994


Hunting for Bones in the Soul – moments of clarity, 80p. Advisor: Prof. John Elder, (ES Program office)

GALLISTEL, Beth Andrea

Advertising the Lure of Vermont: The Selling of the Rural Landscape, 1860 to 1940, 81p. (ES Program office)

ZIEBARTH, Christopher A.

Fire in the Forests: A History of American Attitudes Concerning Forest Fires and Wilderness, 79p. (ES Program office)

May 1993


Inheriting Home: Migrations to Mountain Water – Journeys through the San Luis Valley, Colorado, 50p. Advisor: Prof. John Elder (ES Program office)

January 1984


An Alternative Benefit/Cost Analysis of Proposed Key Biscayne, Florida Beach Renourishment Project, 122p. (ES Program office)

February 1979

TODD, Anne C.

Revitalization of a Waterfront: Burlington, Vermont, 102p. Advisor: Prof. Howard E. Woodin (ES Program Office)

May 1977


The Effects of Oil Poolution on the Marine Environment, 70p. (ES Program office)

January 1977

FRIES, Janet A.

The Vascular Flora of Nunivak Island, Alaska, 57p. Advisor: S.B. Young (ES Program office)