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Environmental Studies Senior Theses

Click on a year below to view a sampling of Environmental Studies theses. A greater selection of senior theses can be accessed online via the Student Scholarship section of the Digital Collections Repository at Middlebury.


AINSWORTH, Spencer – Environmental Studies – Geology joint major
A semi-automated approach to LiDAR-derived mapping of surficial geology
Advisor: David West

BLALOCK, Annie – Conservation Biology major
The effects of ecological stoichiometric constraints and hydrologic regime on the functional trait diversity of aquatic insect communities
Advisor: Eric Moody

CLINTON, Emma – Conservation Biology major
"Using a landscape permeability metric to assess the impacts of different residential land development patterns on ecological connectivity in Chittenden County, VT"
Advisors: David Allen and Bill Hegman

FREEDMAN, Jacob – Environmental Studies – Geography joint major
“Encouraged to Ignore:” Critical education, cartography, and making more inclusive maps for environmental conservation
Advisor: Jeff Howarth

GLASS, Benjamin – Environmental History major
Black on Both Sides: An Integrative Analysis of the 1988 Yellowstone Fires
Advisors: Kathryn Morse and Joe Holler

LANDAU, Arielle – Environmental Justice major
A Uniquely Destructive Injustice: US Nuclear Testing on Indigenous Lands - an Environmental Justice and GIS Analysis
Advisor: Dan Suarez

LESSING, Jillian – Conservation Biology major
Coral restoration in The Bahamas: Examining the biological and socio-political impacts of restoration efforts
Advisor: Mez Baker-Medard

LOEWALD, Anna – Environmental Studies – Geology joint major
Testing for Evidence of Subsurface Phosphorus Transport to a Small Lake (Lake Carmi) in Northwestern Vermont, USA
Advisor: Pete Ryan

OEHMIG, Phoebe – Conservation Biology major
Effect of warming sea temperatures in the Gulf of Maine on postlarval lobsters (Homarus americanus) swimming performance and activity
Advisor: Eric Moody

SANTOSO, Monique – Conservation Psychology major
Empathy Is Not Enough: The Effects of Perspective-Taking and Value Orientations on Environmental Action
Advisor: Michelle McCauley

STERUP, Kathleen – Conservation Biology major
Analyzing the Impacts of Terrestrial Variables on Macroalgal Blooms in New Zealand Estuaries with Remote Sensing
Advisor: Eric Moody

TANGO, Maddie – Conservation Biology major
Reproducibility of a Geographical Study on the Effects of Wind Turbines on Bat Fatalities in the Northeast United States
Advisor: Joe Holler

VAKHITOVA, Valeriia – Environmental Studies – Geology joint major
Geochemical and Mineralogical Analysis of Terrestrial and Reef Sediments: Implications for Reef Ecosystems and Human Health
Advisors: Mez Baker-Medard and Pete Ryan

VILLANUEVA, Alitzel – Conservation Biology major
The Cost of Persistent Organic Pollutant Tolerance in Fundulus heteroclitus Across a Water Temperature Gradient
Advisor: Eric Moody


BLAKELY, Valerie - Religion, Philosophy and the Environment major
A Feminist Analysis of Rachel Carson's Silent Spring: Gender, Science, and Environmental Justice
Advisor: Heidi Grasswick

BUSCHMAN, Maia - Conservation Psychology major
Affordable Housing Can Be Better for People and Planet: Applications of Social and Environmental Sustainability in Affordable Housing
Advisors: Michelle McCauley & Erin Sassin

CALLAHAN, Nina - Environmental Economics major
Sustaining the Environment through Networks of Social Capital
Examining the Influence of Social Capital in Northern and Southern Italy as a Tool to Promote Sustainable Land Management
Advisors: Jonathan Isham & Stefano Mula

DURNING, Anna - Environmental Studies-Geography joint major
It's more than just work and get home:" Constraints and motivations shaping migrant workers' experiences of life in Vermont
Advisors: Jessica L'Roe & Peter Nelson

ELLICKS, Kevin - Environmental Studies-Architecture joint major
Otter Creek AgriCenter + Community Table
Advisor: Benjamin Allred

FLEISCHER, Alec - Environmental Policy major
Capitalism's Response to Economic Growth Amidst Climate Crisis
Advisors: Jon Isham & Rebecca Mitchell

HUNTINGTON, Charles Holton - Environmental Non-Fiction major
El Potrero Chico: A Small Town's Global Climbing Community
Advisors: David Bain & Megan Mayhew-Bergman

MCCROREY, Ryan - Environmental Literature major
Witches and Woods: Female Authority, Forests, and the Supernatural in Shakespeare
Advisors: Daniel Brayton

PETERS, Kate - Environmental Economics major
The Impacts of Postcolonial Democratic Institutions on Renewable Energy Development in Africa: An Analysis of Factors Facilitating Low-Carbon Energy Sectors with a Case Study Focusing on Ghana
Advisors: Jonathan Isham and Jacob Tropp

REDMON, Hannah - Environmental Non-Fiction major
These American Trails: Finding Power in Solitude and Joy in Community over Three Years of Walking
Advisor: Megan Mayhew-Bergman

ROWLAND, Helene - Environmental Economics major
Sunshine in the Garden State: Analyzing the demographic trends in residential solar installations
Advisors: Akhil Rao & Julia Berazneva

ROYE, Karina - Conservation Biology major
What Characterizes Sustainable Aquaculture in Vermont? An Assessment of Current Systems and their Implications for the Future
Advisors: Molly Anderson and Sallie Sheldon

SAUDERS, Jessica - Environmental Studies-Architecture joint major
Regenerative Place-Making: A Study in Adaptive Reuse for Activating Community
Advisor: Benjamin Allred

SCHWARTZ, Orli - Environmental Studies-Architecture joint major
The Idea Mill: Rethinking Interpersonal Connection Spatially
Advisor: Benjamin Allred

SHALE, Lily - Environmental Non-Fiction major
Swallow, Eating Bodies and Devouring Place
Advisor: Spring Ulmer


BARCA, Malia - Environmental Geology
Correlation of volcanic deposits in Costa Rica: Implications for assessing volcanic activity and risk
Advisor: David West

CASTILLO, Brittny - Environmental Studies/Architecture
The Transition: Developing Affordable Housing on a brownfield in wake of Inglewood's gentrification
Advisor: John McLeod

MCGLASHON, Morgan K. - Environmental Geology
Late Quaternary paleoenvironments from Laguna Cari-Laufquen, Rio Negro province, Argentina
Advisor: William Amidon

POLLACK, Catherine - Environmental Policy and English and American Literatures double major
Climate Change Literature and Its Compelling Capacity to Create Change
Advisors: Daniel Brayton and Daniel Suarez 


BARR, Matthew - Environmental Geology
U-Pb dating of calcite veins in New England: Constraints on post-Paleozoic orogenic activity
Advisor: William Amidon

BORGMANN-WINTER, Ben - Conservation Biology
Environmental Determinants of Tickborne Disease in the Champlain Valley
Advisor: David Allen

FELDMAN, Elana - Conservation Biology
Development of a stand dynamics model for the hemlock-hardwood forests of Vermont
Advisor: David Allen

FORTIN, Katharine - Environmental Chemistry
Synthesizing a Novel Branched Surfactant for Improved Contaminant Removal from Water
Advisor: Molly Costanza-Robinson

HABERMANN, Hannah - Environmental Non-Fiction
The Space is Not Empty: An Exploration of Regional Identity, Representation, and Imagination in the American West(s)
Advisor: Daniel Brayton

HUNTINGTON, Alissa - Environmental Economics
Transmission Infrastructure and Wind Integration: What Texas' Competitive Renewable Energy Zones (CREZ) Project Means for Renewable Energy Incorporation
Advisor: Jonathan Isham

JIANG, Jingchen - Environmental Economics
Do Trees Mitigate Air Pollution? Evidence from the U.S. Metropolitan Areas
Advisor: Julia Berazneva

PISANO, Connor - Environmental Geology
Analysis of the effect of regional climate on soil mineralogy and chemistry in the tropics: A case study from the Pacific coast of Costa Rica
Advisor: Peter Ryan

SHUMWAY, Emma - Conservation Psychology
The Effect of Moral Foundations Framing and Political Identity Priming on Environmental Attitudes in Conservatives
Advisor: Michelle McCauley

WEGNER, Samuel - Human Ecology
Between Scarcity and Abundance: Reading Socio-ecological Principles Into Utopian Communities
Advisor: Jamie McCallum

ZAVOICO, Sebastian - Conservation Biology
Small-scale spring migrations of Svalbard Reindeer
Advisor: David Allen

ZHANG, Grace - Conservation Biology
Use of fresh and weathered leaves by stream macroinvertebrates
Advisor: Sallie Sheldon


BABCOCK, Ashley - Environmental Policy
Taking Down the Big Top: Animal Rights Movement and the Rise and Fall of Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus.
Advisor: Mez Baker-Medard

DOHAN, Sarah - Environmental History
From Parlor Moralists to Classroom Scientists: Female Normal School Students' Use of Nature-Study to Professionalize Public Education and Expand the Woman's Sphere.
Advisor: Kathryn Morse

EPSTEIN, Thomas - Environmental Policy
The Structural Determinants of Undocumented Farmworker Health: Understanding the Impacts of U.S. Immigration Policy Since NAFTA.
Advisor: Pam Berenbaum

FABER, Jacob - Conservation Biology
The (Green?) Machine(s?) in the Garden: Sustainable development and social equity in Eeyou Istchee-James Bay, Québec.
Advisor: Mez Baker-Medard

LAMA, Karma - Religion, Philosophy, and the Environment
The Paradox of Purity and Pollution: Examining Ecology and Religion along the Ganges River.
Advisors: Jennifer Ortegren and Rebecca Gould

LEONG, Ho Wang Adrian - Human Ecology
Decolonization at the Grassroots: Resistance and Place-making at a Migrant Village in Hong Kong.
Advisor: Ellen Oxfeld

LOWE, Mary Grace - Conservation Psychology
What's the beef about meat? The Effect of Moral Foundations Framing on Willingness to Reduce Meat Consumption.
Advisor: Michelle McCauley

SURDOVAL, Ali Rose - Environmental Geography
Can Farmers' Markets Enhance Urban Food Access? A Spatial and Temporal Investigation of Farmers' Markets and Food Deserts in Washington, D.C.
Advisor: Peter Nelson

THOMPSON, Henry - Human Ecology
The Biopower of Organic Intellectuals: Reconciling Gramsci and Foucault to evaluate the Socionature of Community Supported Kitchens.
Advisor: David Stoll

TÓTH, Evelin - Environmental Policy
Community Engagement in Sustainable Resource Use and Management at the Channel Islands and Montseny Biosphere Reserves.
Advisor: Chris Klyza

TOURGEE, Heather - Environmental Non-Fiction
When the Flood Comes: On rising seas, grief, and coming to terms with a new planet.
Advisor: David Bain


BLACKFORD, Nathaniel - Human Ecology
Negotiating Ideology and Practice: Perspectives on Permaculture from Vermont
Advisor: Marybeth Nevins

EBEL, Riley - Environmental Geology
Properties of Colloidal Sediment Identified in Soil and Lacustrine Records in the Uinta Mountains, Utah
Advisor: Jeffrey Munroe

FINK, Kae - Environmental Economics
Sorptive behavior of hexadecyltrimethylammonium-modified montmorillonite: Elucidating effects of interlayer chemistry and contaminant structure
Advisor: Molly Costanza-Robinson

JACOBS, William - Environmental Geology
Using Lidar and GIS to Model Stream Cutbanks
Advisor: William Amidon

ROOT, Hannah - Environmental Non-Fiction
Teaching on a Mountain Top: Place-Based Learning with Cornwall Elementary Students
Advisor: Michelle McCauley

SEIBOLD, Tara - Human Ecology
Disaster and the Savior-Complex: Media Narratives of the 2015 Nepal Earthquakes
Advisor: Michael Sheridan

SHEA, Hayden Rose - Conservation Biology
Investigating the Conservation Planning Implications of Species Distribution Modeling: Using the Brown Bog Sedge in New York as a Test Case
Advisor: Stephen Trombulak

WILTSHIRE-GORDON, Virginia - Environmental Economics
Intersections of Environmental and Income Inequality in the United States: A County-level Analysis
Advisor: Nicholas Muller


BRISTOL, Hannah- Environmental Policy
"Excuse Our Progress": Mitigating Community Strain in the Bakken Oil Boom
Advisor: Chris McGrory Klyza

KERBY-MILLER, Jack- Environmental Chemistry
Investigating a Novel Indicator of Population-Level Endocrine Disruption in Humans 
Advisor: Molly Costanza- Robinson

MULLEN, Anna- Environmental Literature
Women, Wolves, and the Poetics of Diane di Prima's Loba
Advisor: Brayton, Daniel 

ROSALES-UNDERBRINK, Piper- Environmental Geology
Coeval Debris Flows as Evidence for Paleoseismic Events
Advisors: Pat and Tom Manley

SMYTH, Teddy- Environmental Policy 
EPA’s Clean Power Plan: Climate Politics Shifts to the States
Advisor: Chris McGrory Klyza

WERRELL, Amanda- Conservation Biology 
Does the use of bird feeders bias our understanding of population trends in winter birds?
Advisor: Steve Trombulak


Blood and Ivory: An Economic and Cultural Analysis of the Illegal Ivory Trade
Advisor: Jon Isham

A Bidirectional Blessing: Contemporary Jewish Synagogues and the U.S. Sustainable Food Movement
Advisor: Rebecca Gould

ZHANG, Elena
Wood or manure? The future of Middlebury's energy
Advisor: Jon Isham.

Elevated methane concentrations in the coarse woody debris of upland forests
Advisor: Marc Lapin

Investigating the effect of environmental federalism on environmental policy implementation on laggard states in the European Union
Advisor: Kemi Fuentes-George

KARP, Abby
The Effect of Goal Setting and Reminders on Environmental Behavior
Advisor: Michelle McCauley

FRENCH, Olivia
The Foodie and the Farmer: Exploring Food Culture in Addison County, Vermont
Advisor: David Bain


CLOW, Brian
Integrated Landscape-scale Conservation Planning in Vermont

Symbionts, Cyborgs, and Other Companions

SINGH, Siddheshwar Smaran
Policy Effects on the European Carbon Market: An Econometric Analysis and Policy Assessment of the European Union Emission Trading Scheme (EU-ETS)

NOBLE, Olivia
“The American way of life is not negotiable”: The impact of the North/South divide on the negotiation of the Millennium Development Goals


Urban Air Pollution and Health Effects: A Study of Four Mexican Cities 
Advisor: Jon Isham.

Environmental Crisis: Landscape, Nature, and Disaster in John Steinbeck's The Grapes of Wrath, Jane Smiley's A Thousand Acres, and Don DeLillo's White Noise 
Advisor: Dan Brayton


The Small Farmer is Alive and Well and Living in France
Advisor: David Bain

IGO, Renee
Thirst for Adventure: Exploring Arizona's Desert in Winter
Advisor: David Bain

LEHNHART, Brittany
Exploring Place Through Science and Art: From Juneau, Alaska to Middlebury, Vermont
Advisors: Andrea Olsen and Hedya Klein

Obstacles to Wholesale Markets Faced by Sustainable Farmers
Advisor: Nick Muller

Integrating Community Forest Management into a REDD+ Policy Framework: The case of GuateCarbon, a payments for environmental services project in the Maya Biosphere Reserve in Guatemala
Advisor: David Stoll


FISHER, Alexandra
Environmental Policy and Water Quality in the Lake Champlain Basin: From Local Collaboration to International Cooperation
Advisor: Chris McGrory Klyza

MAYTAG, Samantha
"A Daughter of the Ranch": The Value of Grass-fed Beef for the Local Food Movement
Advisor: John Elder

Appalachia's Old Guard
Advisor: Christopher Shaw


I went to the mountaintop, but it wasn't there: Christian Responses to Mountaintop Removal Coal Mining in Appalachia
Advisor: Rebecca Gould

SHELDON, Zoe Jewett
Sprawl and Biotic Homogenization: The Effects of Diffuse Residential Development on Vertebrate Wildlife
Advisor: Steve Trombulak

Living Proof: Historical Narratives of Diet and Cancer in the Mid-Twentieth Century
Advisor: Kathy Morse

KELLEY, Elizabeth Anne
The Implications of the "Greening" of Social Capital: Evidence from Bristol, Vermont
Advisor: Jonathan Isham

Square Peg, Round Hole: A Case Study of the NGO-Village Interactions of TFCG and Sagara Village, Tanzania
Advisor: Jacob Tropp


FLAGG, Kathryn
Dead Reckoning, or On the Impulses of Early Cartographers 
Advisor: Jennifer Bates

GAMELL, Ashley Anne
The Imaginary Landscape: Artwork of the New York City Outdoors
Advisor: Daniel Brayton

The Impact of Environmental Change in the Adirondack Lowland Boreal: Creating a Monitoring Plan
Advisor: Matthew Landis

A Balancing Act: The Lieberman-Warner Climate Security Act of 2008 (S. 2191)
Advisor: Christopher Klyza

Louisiana's Vanishing Wetlands: The Quiet Crisis
Advisor: Christopher Shaw

POLFUS, Claire
Thawing the Winter, Wintering the Thaw: Vermont's Coldest Season in the Face of Climate Change
Advisor: David Bain


The Distribution of Marine Protected Areas in the United States Across Levels of Protection: A New Tool for Classification
Advisor: Steven Trombulak

The Quest of Environmental Travel Literature: nature and self in modern travel narratives
Advisors: Daniel Brayton and John Elder

Eco-theology, Environmental Consciousness and Action within the Middlebury Faith Community
Advisor: Rebecca Gould


BATES, William
Framing the Climate Change Movement – Religion, Spirituality, and Social Change
Advisors: Jonathan Isham and William McKibben

LEIBACH, Patrick
A National Renewable Portfolio Standard: Lessons from Nevada and Pennsylvania
Advisor: Jonathan Isham

Empowering Environmentalism: A Socioeconomic Analysis of Energy Consumption; Awareness, Attitudes and Actions in Vermont
Advisor: Jonathan Isham


BECK, Alison
An Exploration of the Relationship Between Humans and Healing Plants: Designing an educational garden for the Middlebury College Campus
Advisor: Andrea Lloyd

Sequential Chemical Extraction: Determination of Reagent Selectivity On Eight Mineral Standards
Advisor: Peter Ryan

LONG, Caitlyn
Acid Precipitation and Nutrient Cycling: Analysis of a Watershed in the Breadloaf Area of Ripton, VT
Advisor: Peter Ryan

OWEN, Emily
A Meta-analysis of Rapid Biodiversity Assessments as a Conservation Tool: The Evolution and Effectiveness of Conservation International's Rapid Assessment Program and The Nature Conservancy's Rapid Ecological Assessments
Advisor: Steve Trombulak

CLOAK, Trevor
Sequential Chemical Extraction of Costa Rican and Green Mountain Soils: A Quantitative and Qualitative Examination of the SCE Procedure
Advisor: Peter Ryan


Conserving a 'Living Fossil' Charting a Sustainable Management Policy for the Atlantic Horseshoe Crab Fishery in Delaware Bay
Advisor: Prof. Chris McGrory Klyza

Destructive Fishing Practices in the Sulu-Celebes Sea Region: Comparing National Management Strategies for Sustainable Reef Fisheries
Advisor: Prof. David Rosenberg

SMITH, Sara Elizabeth Smiley
The Many Roads to Remediation: Differing Motivations for Communities Facing Toxic Contamination
Advisor: Prof. Kathryn Morse

THROOP, Lauren
A Multi-Dimensional Analysis of Wind Energy at Middlebury College's Worth Mountain
Advisor: Rich Wolfson

Migration Strategies and Stopover Ecology of Blackcaps (Sylvia atricapilla)In Eilat, Israel (Special Collections)

ROUSH, William M.
Envisioning a Changing Alpine Environment Through Repeat Photography in Glacier National Park, Montana
Advisor: Prof. Jeff Munroe


Drawing the Line: Informal Property Rights in a Nova Scotian Lobster Fishery
Advisors: Prof. Chris McGrory Klyza and Prof. Jon Isham

COX, Dalton
Modeling the Relationship Between Sediment Loading and Native Plant Species Recovery in Vermont Lakes
Advisor: Prof. Sallie Sheldon

GREGG, Kaitlin
Peace on Earth and With Earth: Stories of the Earth Charter and Vermont Activism

OLDS, Jr., Glenn R.
Suburban Sublime: A Parents Guide to Reconnecting with Your Children Through Your Backyard
Advisor: Prof. John Elder


CALVI, Benjamin Lightfoot
Stories of Home: A Seasonal exploration of Family and Place
Advisors: Prof. John Elder and Prof. Andrea Olsen

MARLOW, Jennifer Jane, May 2003
Science and "Women's Ways of Knowing:" Jane Goodall, Vandana Shiva, and Rachel Carson
Advisor: Prof. John Elder

Reviewing the Last 21,000 Years: Paleoclimate Reconstructions and a Search for Modern Berugian Analogs in Northern Mongolia
Advisor: Prof. Steven B. Young

STERN, Jacob
Not Another Starbucks! The Effects of Post-Rent Control Era Gentrification in Cambridge, Massachusetts
Advisor: Prof. David Stoll

KIEVES, Nicola K.
A Temporal and Spatial Analysis of Six Vermont Bird Species
Advisor: Prof. Steve Trombulak

Managing Growth in a Rural Environment: How the Ideal Image of the Green Mountain State is Shaped by the Ski Industry and the People of Vermont
Advisor: Prof. Chris McGrory Klyza

Paleoecology of Northern Beringia Reconstruction Based on Macrofossil Plant Remains from Zhocov Island, Siberia
Advisor: Dr. Steven B. Young (Center for Northern Studies)


The succession of woody vegetation in abandoned floodplain hay fields along Otter Creek in Addison County, Vermont
Advisor: Prof. Mary Gaudette

Lessons of Curitiba, and other tales of urban ecological salvation
Advisor: Prof. Chris McGrory Klyza

BILLS, Corey B.
The Divine Sickness: Christianity and Exile Among the Karen
Advisor: Prof. David Stoll

YELTON, Lourie
Use of immunocontraception for the management of white-tailed deer and feral horses
Advisor: Prof. Steve Trombulak


BERDOULAY, Genevieve
"If Art Could Tell…" Language and Nature in the Poetry of Milton, Wordsworth, and Frost
Advisor: Prof. John Elder

Environmental Justice as a Result of Urban Environmental Education
Advisor: Prof. John Elder

KAUTZ, Michael Quist
Seasons – Poems and Stories of New England

PHILIPPS, David Nathaniel
A Mountain Year – The holistic history of Mount Rosa
Advisor: Kathy Skubikowski

SCHICK, Katharine R.
Patterns and implications of porcupine (Erithizon dorsatum) herbivory of white spruce (Picea glacua) at tree-line on the Seward Peninsula
Advisors: Prof. Andrea Lloyd and Prof. Chris Fastie

STOLL, Alison P.
The Role of Public Environmental Education Programs for Endangered Species
Advisor: Prof. Judith Layzer

TURNER, Catherine
Stewardship in C.S. Lewis and Wendell Berry: A Christian Environmental Vision
Advisor: Prof. John Elder

Fire and Vegetation History Inferred from Stratigraphic Records of Soil Charcoal and Plant Macrofossils on the Seward Peninsula, Alaska
Advisors: Prof. Andrea Lloyd and Prof. Christopher Fastie

Running Back to Milkweed Valley

SNIDER, Elise Apple
Starting with a Feather: Natural History and Scale

1990 - 1999

May 1999

BONESS, Melissa M.
Whale Watching: An Evaluation of Current Regulatory Efforts and their Consistency with Available Scientific Information
Advisor: Prof. Judith Layzer

Building a Teaching Landscape for Bicentennial Hall, Middlebury College (

Water Thinking
Advisor: Prof. John Elder

Fall 1998

A Prayer For the Wild (video)

May 1998

A Study of the Ecological Effects of Wildfire and Prescribed Burning in the New Jersey Pine Barrens
Advisor: Prof. Steve Trombulak

MELLO, Jessica
Bermuda's Diverse Landscape: A Walking Guide to Bermuda's Nature and Culture along the Railway Trail
Advisor: Prof. John Elder

NICHOLS, Sarah Langille
Forging Connections: Interdisciplinary, Place-based, Environmental Education for the First Grade
Advisor: Prof. John Elder

Teachers, Wild and Friends Community-Based Environmental Education
Advisor: Prof. John Elder

February 1998

HINDLE, Jill Lindley
Weybridge, Vermont: Meditations on the Ecology of a Community

May 1997

ARVOLD, Virginia H.
Tracing the Lake: A Landscape of Memory
Advisor: Prof. John Elder

Basket Stories
Advisors: Prof. Robert Pack and Prof. John Elder

BALCH, Graham
The Republican's Environmental Policy
Advisor: Prof. Chris McGrory Klyza

The Call of the Wild: The Restoration of Adirondack Wolves
Advisor: Prof. Steve Trombulak

Property, Freedom and the Environment in America: an Exploration of the Regulatory Takings Debate
Advisor: Prof. Chris McGrory Klyza

Middlebury College Solar Greenhouse
Advisor: Prof. Andrea Lloyd

LEE, Alexander Putnam

The Complex Task of Living Simply
Advisor: Prof. John Elder

LEWIS, Hannah
Agricultural Education: Broadening the Context and Goals
Advisor: Prof. Gary Nielsen

January 1997

VYNNE, Carly
Upholding the Mandate: Olympic National Park & Restoration Management
Advisor: Prof. Chris McGrory Klyza

Western Science and an Alaskan Eskimo Village: Assessing the Impact of Wildlife Research Campus on Chevak, Alaska
Advisor: Nick Flanders

May 1996

ALLARD, Nicole A.
Forest Roundtables in Maine, Vermont and New Hampshire

EDSELL, Jennifer
Whose Woods These Are: Managing the Northern Forest as an Ecosystem in spite of Political Boundaries
Advisor: Prof. Chris McGrory Klyza

GREENE, Nicole Joy
Saying Thou To The Land: An Educational Journey to Wholeness
Advisor: Prof. John Elder

POZATEK, Kristine Alison
Scars in the Kenyan Landscape: Moving Beyond the World Bank's Paradigm of Development
Advisor: Prof. John Elder

January 1996

Creating an Environmental Center at Middlebury College
Advisor: Prof. Chris McGrory Klyza

Fall 1995

Religious Influence on International Population Policy
Advisor: Prof. Chris McGrory Klyza

Hierba Buena
Advisor: Prof. John Elder

May 1995

AIKENHEAD, Emily Kristen
From Hoover Dam to James Bay: An examination of the societal changes affecting the building of large dams and hydro-electric projects

Tanzanian National Parks: A Western Ideal in an African Reality
Advisor: Prof. Spencer )

An Analysis of Angler Influence and Salmonid Fisheries Management in Vermont
Advisor: Prof. Chris McGrory Klyza

STEWART, Roberta J.
Marked by the Sun A Series of Essays
Advisor: David Bain

SUNG, Sarah
Industry Advantage? Political Action Committees and the Fate of Environmental Legislation
Advisor: Prof. Chris McGrory Klyza

February 1995

Autumn Cadence a natural history of faith

HIPPLE, Annika S.
Crisis and Conservation: Environmental Issues and Awareness in Ecuador
Advisor: David Andrews

December 1994

SMITH, Megan A.
Obtaining the Goals of Environmental Education: A Joint-Effort Proposal for Environmental Education Centers and Public Schools

May 1994

Returning to the Field: The Growth of My Ideas on Nature and Education
Advisor: Prof. John Elder

Experiential Learning and the Development of Ecological Literacy

January and February 1994

Hunting for Bones in the Soul – moments of clarity
Advisor: Prof. John Elder

GALLISTEL, Beth Andrea
Advertising the Lure of Vermont: The Selling of the Rural Landscape, 1860 to 1940

ZIEBARTH, Christopher A.
Fire in the Forests: A History of American Attitudes Concerning Forest Fires and Wilderness

May 1993

Inheriting Home: Migrations to Mountain Water – Journeys through the San Luis Valley, Colorado
Advisor: Prof. John Elder

1980 - 1989

An Alternative Benefit/Cost Analysis of Proposed Key Biscayne, Florida Beach Renourishment Project

1970 - 1979

February 1979

TODD, Anne C.
Revitalization of a Waterfront: Burlington, Vermont
Advisor: Prof. Howard E. Woodin

May 1977

The Effects of Oil Poolution on the Marine Environment

January 1977

FRIES, Janet A.
The Vascular Flora of Nunivak Island, Alaska
Advisor: S.B. Young

Program in Environmental Studies

Franklin Environmental Center at Hillcrest
531 College Street
Middlebury College
Middlebury, VT 05753