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2020 Publications

Klyza, Christopher McGrory, 2020, “Power, Partisanship, and Contingency: The President and U.S. Environmental Policy,” in Handbook of U.S. Environmental Policy, edited by David Konisky, Northampton, MA and Cheltenham, UK: Edward Elgar, pp. 11-24.

2019 Publications

Brayton, Daniel, 2019, Book Review: L. Francis Herreshoff: The Flowering of Genius, by Roger C. Taylor. WoodenBoat 268, pp. 92-93.

2018 Publications

Armfield, J., Perdrial, J., Gagnon, A., Ehrenkranz, J., Perdrial, N., Cincotta, M., Ross, D., Shanley, J., Underwood, K., Ryan, P.C., 2018. Does stream water composition at Sleepers River in Vermont reflect dynamic changes in soils during recovery from acidification? Frontiers in Earth Science 6: 246. doi: 10.3389/feart.2018.00246.

Van Hoesen, J., Arriaza, B., Ryan, P.C., Grady, C.M., 2018. A Multi-Analytical Approach for Identifying a Manganese Source for the Black Pigment of the Chinchorro Mortuary Palette. Geoarcheology DOI:10.1002/gea.21713.

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2017 Publications

Baker-Médard, M. (2017). Gendering Marine Conservation: The Politics of Marine Protected Areas and Fisheries Access. Society & Natural Resources30(6), 723-737.

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Jones,  Mendoza,  Morse, Mizelle, and Voyles, "Roundtable Review on Carolyn Finney, Black Faces, White Spaces," and Carl Zimring, Clean and White," H-Environment Roundtable Reviews 7:1 (2017), published March 20, 2017.

Morse, "Beyond Iconic and Ironic in American Environmental History," Review essay on Coyote Valley:  Deep History in the High Rockies.  By Thomas G. Andrews.  Let Us Now Praise Famous Gullies:  Providence Canyon and the Soils of the South.  By Paul S. Sutter; and Rendering Nature: Bodies, Politics.  Edited by Marguerite Shaffer and Phoebe S.K. Young. Reviews in American History 45 (2017): 109-116.

Pincus, L.N., Ryan, P.C., Huertas, F.J., Alvarado, G.E., 2017. The influence of soil age and regional climate on clay mineralogy and cation exchange capacity of moist tropical soils: A case study from Late Quaternary chronosequences in Costa Rica. Geoderma 308, 130-148.

2016 Publications

Brayton, Daniel “Not Penshurst: Enclosure and the Spatialization of History in Ben Jonson’s ‘To Penshurst,’” in Imagining Early Modern Histories, eds. Elizabeth Ketner and Allison Kavey. Farnham, UK: Ashgate, 2016.

Brayton, Daniel “Environmental Shakespeare”: a year-in-review plenary essay on Shakespeare’s Storms, by Gwilym Jones (Manchester University Press, 2015); Reading Green in Early Modern England, by Leah Knight (Ashgate, 2014); Shakespeare’s Nature: from Cultivation to Culture, by Charlotte Scott (Oxford University Press, 2014), and Sea Change: The Shore from Shakespeare to Banville (Brill/Rodopi, 2014), by Christoph Singer. Reviewed for Shakespeare Jahrbuch: a Journal of Shakespeare Studies, 2016.

Brayton, Daniel “Shakespeare and Slime: Notes on the Anthropocene,” in Ecological Approaches to Teaching Early Modern English Texts: A Field Guide to Reading and Teaching, Eds. Lynne Dickson Bruckner, Jennifer Munroe, and Edward Geisweidt. New York: Routledge, 2015.

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2015 Publications

Klyza, C. M., Trombulak, S. C.(2015b). The Story of Vermont: A Natural and Cultural History, Second Edition (2 edition). Hanover: UPNE.

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2014 Publications

Baker-Médard, M. S. A. (2014). From mini development-machine to being human: Research as social exchange. Journal of Research Practice, 10(2). 

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