Independent Project Proposal

Independent projects, numbered 507 or 707, require advance approval by the FMMC departmentThey are only approved in exceptional circumstances, as all FMMC majors will be required to do an independent project as part of FMMC 700 Senior Tutorial. Contact the department chair for more information about doing an independent project.

Your project advisor must have reviewed and approved this proposal before submitting to the department.

For Honors 0707 Projects, students must have a committee of three faculty review the project and participate in their oral defense. One committee member is expected to teach outside of the FMMC department. Indicate the identity of two faculty members whom you plan on asking to serve on the committee and whether you have asked them yet. Committee members should be secured and finalized by the first week of the semester of the project.

Must not exceed $100.00

Attached Pages

The following should be included in an attached file in .rtf, .doc, or .pdf format:

1. Project description or thesis

2. Project rationale (Why has this project been chosen? What are your objectives? How does it reflect your previous interests and experience?)

3. Film & Media experience (Include a list of all relevant courses, when taken, grades, internships and extra-curricular projects)

4. Timetable, with stages and steps toward completion, including specific deadline dates. All projects must be completed one week before final day of classes. Videos must have a public screening the last week of classes. Screenplays and essays will have a public presentation during exam week. Missed deadlines will result in a lower grade (half a letter for each missed deadline). See for a model timetable to outline in your proposal.

5. Itemized list of budget, resources and equipment needs, including anticipated need for performers, any request for department funding, videotape, or other materials or facility access.

6. For critical essays, include a preliminary filmography and/or bibliography as appropriate.