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Off-Campus Study

Guidelines for Off-Campus Study by Film & Media Culture Students

1. One semester recommended

2. Minimum 3.0 GPA in the major and overall

3. Complete at least 2 of 4 core major requirements and 5 of 10 general major requirements before going abroad and discuss with your advisor your plan to complete the major.

4. The student should present to their advisor a compelling academic case for off campus study which should include the completed application form, as much information as possible on the courses to be taken while abroad, and an essay which presents a compelling academic rationale for off-campus study.
A compelling academic rationale means that the student will be taking courses that meet one or more of the following criteria: The courses are not offered at Middlebury but are rigorous and appropriate to a liberal arts education; the courses are not offered at Middlebury but are rigorous and appropriate to the student's major(s); the courses are the equivalent of Middlebury courses but are unique in perspective; the courses may or may not be offered at Middlebury but are unique in perspective because they involve study of the natural history, economics, history, politics, or culture of the region where the school is situated. It is incumbent upon the student to provide any material requested by the faculty advisor prior to approval.

5. If the student intends to pursue an independent project as a senior the student should complete the prerequisites before going abroad. The plan for the independent project should be discussed with the faculty course advisor before departure.

6. Recommended schools for study abroad include related film & media programs at NYU and USC; Middlebury Schools abroad; exchange programs with University of Nottingham or University of East Anglia in the U.K.; or other colleges recommended by your other department in the case of double or joint majors.

7. Credits accepted by the Middlebury College Registrar will be accepted for general education. Credits toward the requirements in Film & Media Culture will typically be granted as major electives. Approval for credits toward completing the major requirements can be granted by your faculty advisor in FMMC in conjunction with the Registrar and the Office for Study Abroad.

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