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Placement in French Courses

Students interested in beginning French at Middlebury (FREN 0101) should consult with French faculty during orientation week or at Academic Forum.
All continuing students of French must take a placement exam. We strongly encourage you to do so before arriving on campus

Students will be directed to register for a course on the basis of their result on this test.

When to take the test

Incoming students:

The online placement test will be available August 15th for use by students matriculating in September, and again at the beginning of January for students matriculating in February.

Before new students can take any online placement exam they must activate their Middlebury user account.  If you have not already done so, please go to go/accounts.

Continuing students:

The test will also be activated shortly before current students register for fall and spring semesters.

Any student who takes the exam and is placed in a course but does not register for it for the semester immediately following will need to ask the chair of the French Department for a prerequisite waiver if he or she decides to take the course in a later semester.

How to take the online test:

Once you have activated your Middlebury user account, open a Web browser and go to the following web page:

  1. If prompted, click on "Enroll in the Course"
  2. Then select "Go to the Course"
  3. Read the instructions thoroughly before clicking on the link that opens the test.
  4. Take the test. You have 50 minutes to complete it.
  5. After completing the test, please plan to speak in person with the Department Chair before receiving your placement.

NOTE: The purpose of this exam is to assist in optimal placement at Middlebury, so do not use a dictionary or other materials to assist you. Once you begin a section you must complete it; you cannot return to a section of the exam after you have begun. You may take the exam only once, so be sure to plan on having enough uninterrupted time to complete it.

For help with log-in issues:

For help with your Middlebury username and password contact the HelpDesk in one of the following ways:

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