French Requirements

Required for the Major in French: Total of no fewer than 10 courses.

I. Two introductions to French literature: FREN 0210, FREN 0221, or specified courses in Paris, Poitiers, Bordeaux, or Cameroon; or equivalent in the Middlebury summer French School when offered.
II. One course in contemporary French or Francophone civilization: FREN 0230, courses on contemporary France, or specified French or Francophone civilization in Paris, Poitiers, Bordeaux, or Cameroon; or equivalent in the Middlebury summer French School when offered.
III. One course in French, Cameroonian, or Francophone Africa history: In Paris, FREN 2333 (Histoire de la France), FREN 2350 (Architecture et urbanisme), or other equivalent.
IV. Three advanced courses in French or Francophone literature or civilization.
V.  One senior seminar FREN 0400-level (literature or civilization).

During their senior year, majors must take at least one advanced literature or civilization course in French at Middlebury in addition to the senior seminar.

     Other courses counting for the major include:

(1) At the Vermont campus: FREN 0205, FREN 0255, among others; certain advanced courses offered during the winter term (with permission of the chair); certain summer courses at the 0300 (intermediate) or 0400 (advanced) level; and,

(2) In France and Cameroon: language and linguistics courses; comparative literature (with a major French or Francophone component); French or Francophone arts, theatre, cinema, television, or politics.

     All majors study abroad for a semester or a year in a French-speaking country. The year program carries nine units of credit; the semester program carries four or five units of credit. In order to ensure that students are exposed to a variety of disciplines, no more than five units (full-year program) or three units (semester program) may be counted toward a Middlebury French major. Most courses in France will be at the advanced level.

     Required for a Joint Major: The French Department does not offer a joint major.

     Required for a Minor in French: Minimum of five courses, FREN 0205 and above, including at least two introductory courses (FREN 0210, FREN 0221, FREN 0230) and at least one course in literature or civilization at the advanced level. The minor may include courses taken at the School in France (maximum of two from the semester program, three from the full-year program).

     Students with a College Board AP score of 4 or 5 will receive one unit of credit toward graduation if the first course successfully completed at Middlebury is FREN 0210 or above in accordance with placement and departmental advising. AP credits may not be counted toward the major or minor.

     Senior Work: Upon completing at least two 0300-level courses in French or Francophone literature or civilization, majors will be required in their senior year to complete senior work consisting of a significant research paper in the context of a senior seminar (0400-level).

     Honors: Exceptional students with a grade point average in French of 3.8 or higher may petition the department to pursue an independent project for honors in French. Candidates for honors may propose a one-semester senior honors essay (FREN 0700) or a senior honors thesis (FREN 0701, one semester and winter term). Eligible students should consult the departmental guidelines and present their proposals well in advance of registration for the term in which the work is to be started. The department will determine whether to award honors, high honors, or highest honors on the basis of a student's work in the department and performance on the senior honors project.
       International and Global Studies Major with French Language: Along with other required courses and senior work as described in the International and Global Studies Major section, completion of the French language component requires: (1) proficiency in French (a minimum of two of FREN 0210, 0221, 0230, or work in the French summer school at the 0300 level or above); (2) at least one semester, and preferably a year, at the Middlebury College School in France, or in Cameroon, or in another French-speaking country; and (3) one or more courses at the 0300 or 0400-level upon return from abroad.

     International and Global Studies Major, European Studies Track: (1) Language proficiency: see above; (2) regional specialization: choose from FREN 0230 and courses at the 0300-level, or others (Vermont campus), in consultation with the track director; courses in French or Francophone civilization at Middlebury in France or in another French-speaking country; (3) disciplinary specialization: two courses from FREN 0210, 0221, 0230; three French or Francophone literature or civilization courses at the advanced level at Middlebury or at Middlebury College School in France, or in another French-speaking European country; (4) at least one semester, and preferably a year, at the Middlebury College School in France or in another French-speaking country; and (5) one or more courses at the 0300 or 0400 level, or senior independent work in French, upon return from abroad.

     Study Abroad in France and in Cameroon: Middlebury offers both year and semester programs in Paris, Poitiers, Bordeaux, and Cameroon. Students may count three courses from the semester program, five from the full-year program, toward a major in French, two courses from the semester program and three from the full-year program toward a minor in French. They should, in any event, contact the Office of Off-Campus Study before registering for their sophomore year.

It should be noted that while students wishing to attend one of our programs in France or in Cameroon must demonstrate a level of proficiency in the language that will allow them to function successfully in the French or Cameroonian university setting, they need not be French majors: the C.V. Starr-Middlebury School in France (Paris, Poitiers, Bordeaux) offers students the opportunity to take courses in history, history of art, economics, cinema, political science, psychology, sociology, studio art, the natural sciences, and the environment, among other disciplines, in addition to courses in languages and literature.

     Students planning to study in France or Cameroon for the entire academic year must have completed two full years of college credit by the time they undertake their study abroad; they must have successfully completed at least one course beyond FREN 0205 by the time they arrive abroad; and they must have an average in French of at least B. Students applying for one semester only are required to take FREN 0221 or 0230 before study abroad. We expect all applicants to demonstrate their commitment to French and maintain their fluency by continuous study of French from the time of their enrollment at Middlebury, and to maintain their academic level if they are accepted to study abroad. They are required to take a French course in the semester before study abroad.

     Students interested in studying abroad should speak to someone in the Office of International Programs & Off-Campus Study, Sunderland Language Center, well in advance of applying. They will need to seek prior approval of School in France and School in Cameroon courses from the appropriate department chairs if they wish course work to count toward a specific minor or major. The Office of Off-Campus Study will provide information about the program and application forms.

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