COVID-19 Updates: Fall Semester

On First-Year Advising and Course Selection

"Good advising is an important aspect of good teaching. . . . Through our collective mentorship, we can realize the mission of the College - to educate students in the traditions of the liberal arts."
-Karl Lindholm

The Basics, Including a Checklist for your First Advising Meetings  Learn this,  or read it and have it in front of you, and you should be ready to start.

Advisees' Frequently Asked Questions  Learn these, and their answers, as well, and you won't have to ask others quite so many questions while you are advising.

First Year Registration Booklet This is an excellent guide not only for the selection of First Year Seminars but also for selection of courses generally; it features recommendations by departments and programs of courses good for first-year students to take.

Courses not more than 2/3 full (Fall only).  These are courses with plenty of seats, which faculty members or departments would like to bring to the attention of First Year Seminar advisors.