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Planning your FYS

First Year Seminar Proposal Form for Academic Year 2021-2022

Above  is the course proposal form for the First Year Seminar. Please consider the questions  on it carefully,  remembering that the topic must be one conducive to the teaching of analytical writing and speaking.   Feel free to peruse  this website as you think about what FYS course you would like to propose. 

It is a good idea to aim high in a first-year seminar, but the course should not  be beyond the reach of first-semester students.  The course description should appeal to them, and the course itself should assume no prior knowledge or experience beyond high school. Our task is in part to introduce first-semester students to the joys, rigors, and possibilities of higher education.  

Upon completion, the form should be turned in to the FYS director and the FYS coordinator.