Geography Department Learning Goals

By the time they graduate, Geography majors will be able to:
  1. Understand, use, and articulate concepts that are fundamental to a geographical perspective, such as scale, region, location and context, place and space, distance and proximity. [concepts]
  2. Develop and use basic geographic skills such as map reading and map making, landscape interpretation, and regional synthesis. [skills]
  3. Critically examine a range of thematic problems in relation to geographic theories. [theory]
  4. Select and implement geographic methods that are appropriate to answer given questions, collect and analyze quantitative and qualitative information to answer those questions; and effectively communicate findings. [methods]
  5. Design and carry out independent geographic research that demonstrates an understanding of how geographers ask questions, collect evidence, use methods, and contextualize their investigation and findings in relation to philosophical and theoretical frameworks. [research/synthesis]


Department of Geography

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