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The Geology Department is located on the 4th and 1st floors of McCardell Bicentennial Hall. There are 6 full-time and one part-time faculty members. Our academic coordinator keeps the department running smoothly. We graduate on average 10 seniors per year.

The geology curriculum focuses on environmental geology, geomorphology, marine geology, oceanography/limnology, petrology, and tectonics. Students are encouraged to develop skills for obtaining and interpreting observational data. The senior thesis is the culmination of a geology major at Middlebury.

The curriculum takes advantage of our natural setting by stressing field-oriented and laboratory-supported inquiry into problems in all facets of earth science. Since Vermont is a classic area for the study of mountain system evolution, one general theme of the program is to relate geological process to the origin and evolution of global tectonic patterns, integrating data from the world's oceans and continental areas.

Teaching is our passion and research is an integral part of that teaching. Our research interests include ocean studies, lake studies, soil studies, structural geology, metamorphic and igneous petrology, geochemistry, and geomorphology. All of our research has a field and a lab component.

Geology majors have used their Middlebury degree as a stepping-stone to graduate school in the geosciences; to industry; to teaching careers; and to careers in environmental science, business, law, and architecture.

Department of Geology

McCardell Bicentennial Hall
276 Bicentennial Way
Middlebury College
Middlebury, VT 05753