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Senior Theses 2016-17

Eli Orland

Using Remote sensing and high resolution digital elevation models to identify potential erosional hotspots along river channels during high discharge (Will Amidon, advisor)

Luna Wasson

Reconstructing the post-glacial dust record in the eastern Uinta Mountains: Constraints from the Taylor Lake watershed (Jeff Munroe, advisor)

Matt Barr

U-Pb dating of calcite veins in New England: Constraints on post-Paleozoic orogenic activity (Will Amidon, advisor)

Jessica Chen

Igneous petrogenesis and overprinting deformation and metamorphism of the Edgecomb Gneiss, mid-coastal Maine (Dave West, advisor)

Mackenzie Best

Petrographic and geochemical analysis of volcanic rocks on North Haven island, Penobscot Bay, Maine (Dave West, advisor)

Tucker Meredith

Geochemical analysis and origin of uranium in groundwater wells in the Clarendon Springs Formation, Colchester, VT (Pete Ryan, advisor)

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