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Senior Theses 2017-18

Andrew Hollyday

Utilizing trace element diffusion models in olivine and pyroxene to determine ascent timescales of cinder cone magmas in the southern Cascades

Atticus Proctor

Bedrock Geology of the Ordovician Casco Bay Group, Harpswell, Maine

Brenden Edwards

Analysis of geotechnical properties of slope failure interfaces in Lake Champlain

Connor Pisano

Analysis of the effect of regional climate on soil mineralogy and chemistry in the tropics: A case study from the Pacific coast of Costa Rica

Emmet Norris

Mineralogical, Chemical and Isotopic Analysis of Atmospheric Dust in Alpine Environments of the Uinta

Joel Wilner

Mechanical Implications of Spatially Differential (U-Th)/He Thermochronology in the Adirondack Mountains, NY

Liesel Robbins

Evaluating geochemical signatures & corresponding tectonic implications of calcite vein generations within the Champlain Valley, VT

Morgan McGlashon

Late Quaternary Lake Chronology in Argentina

Nathan Beningson

The Effect of Calcite Veins on Groundwater Geochemistry and Flow

Sam Cartwright

Detrital zircon geochronology of strata from multiple accreted terranes in south-central Maine

Sophie Leiter

Magma storage and ascent in the southern Cascade Arc: Insights from high-pressure CPX in primitive basalts

Tina Chen

3D Hydrodynamic modeling on the effects of Missisquoi Bay causeway removal and water quality

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