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Senior Theses 2018-19

Malia Barca

Correlation of volcanic deposits in Costa Rica: Implications for assessing volcanic activity and risk

Bryce Belanger

Modeling climate constraints on the formation of pluvia Lake Bonneville in the Great Basin, USA

Miranda-Max de Beer

Low-temperature thermochronology across a portion of the Norumbega fault system, Casco Bay, Maine

Sam Graf

Structural setting of select post-Paleozoic calcite veins in the Champlain Valley of Vermont

Sam Kaelin

Explosivity of Pleistocene cinder cones, California: Insights from integrated textural and geochemical analyis

Kristin Kimble

Classification of cryogenic cave carbonates from the Winter Wonderland Ice Cave, Uinta Mountains, Utah

Octave Lepinard

Using satellite imagery, LiDAR and machine learning to quantify the carbon storage of Vermont's biomass

Morgan McGlashon

Late Quaternary paleoenvironments from Laguna Cari-Laufquen, Rio Negro province, Argentina

Kye Moffat

Clinopyroxene barometry of Red Lake Mountain Lava Cone, California: Implications for magma storage depths

Caleb Walcott

A Late-Pleistocene luminescence-based chronology of pluvia Lake Clover, Nevada

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