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Senior Theses 2019-2020

Spencer Ainsworth

A semi-automated approach to LIDAR derived mapping of surface geology

Quinn Brencher

Using InSAR to characterize rock glacier movement in the UINTA Mountains, Utah

Alex Cobb

Tracing Groundater Flow of PFOA contamination in Clarendon, VT

Pratt Olson

Geochemical investigation of the hydrologic significance of rock glaciers in the Uinta Mountains, Utah, USA

Miranda Seixas

A characterization of microbial diversity in the Winter Wonderland Ice Cave, Uinta Mountains, Utah

Kira Waldman

Analysis of volcanic sediments as a potential source of groundwater arsenic in the Guanacaste Region of Costa Rica.

Cameron Weiner

Comparing chlorine, sulfur and florine gas emissions from cinder cone eruptions in the Lassen Volcanic Region and LaPalma, Canary Islands

Karina Zyatitsky

A textural analysis of the explosivity of pleistocene cinder cones in the Lassen Volcanic Region

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