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Senior Theses 2020

A man in a cave wearing a helmet with a light attached is giving a thumbs up sign.

Jack Brady: Physical hydrogeology of the Ordovician carbonate aquifer in NE Weybridge, Vermont

A woman wearing a Middlebury sweatshirt is holding two hammers next to a vertical rock face

Isabelle Davis: Mineralogical and geochemical analysis of low-grade metamorphism of the Champlain Valley Sequence, western Vermont

A man lying in a cave is smiling with his helmet in the foreground.

Torre Davy: Water chemistry and potentiometric surface anomalies in a fractured carbonate aquifer in Weybridge, Vermont

A woman wearing a baseball cap is climbing a rockface.

Anna Loewald: The hydrogeological budget of a small watershed (Lake Carmi, Vermont) with a focus on N and P

A man pictured horizontally is smiling inside a cave.

Tyler DeShong: Modeling uplift, erosion, and equilibrium: Using remote sensing for a stream profile analysis of the Adirondack Mountains

A woman wearing a backpack is standing in front of a lake with a boat in the background.

Rachel Nahirny: Investigating ocean carbon storage: Quantitative analysis of dissolution using foraminifera proxies from a sediment core in the Line Islands

A woman is standing in a field with mountains containing glaciers in the background.

Virginia Stanley: Mineralogical and chemical analysis of slip surfaces from landslides triggered by Hurricane Maria (Puerto Rico)

A woman wearing sunglasses is on a boat, waving toward the camera.

Valeriia Vakhitova: Geochemical and mineralogical analysis of terrestrial and reef sediments: Implications for reef ecosystems and human health

A woman is crouching near a body of water with cliffs in the background.

Emma Waugh: Characterization of a flowing artesian aquifer in western Vermont

Thesis Completed Spring 2020

A man wearing hiking gear is smiling as he stands on top of a mountain.

Spencer Ainsworth: A semi-automated approach to LiDAR-derived mapping of surficial geology

A woman wearing a helmet and fluorescent vest is smiling as she holds a notebook.

Cameron Weiner: Comparing Cl, S, and F Gas Emissions from Cinder Cone Eruptions in the Lassen Volcanic Region and La Palma, Canary Islands

A woman with reflective sunglasses on her head is standing next to a rockface.

Karina Zyatitsky: Explosivity of Pleistocene cinder cones in the Lassen Region determined by textural analysis of scoria

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