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Requirements for the Major

Program in Gender, Sexuality, & Feminist Studies

The major requires a minimum of ten courses and comprises several discrete aspects, as outlined below.

Major requirements (10 courses total)
1. Core (5 courses):

  • GSFS/SOCI 0191   
  • GSFS 0200  
  • GSFS 0289  
  • GSFS 0320  
  • GSFS 0435  

2. Breadth Requirements (2 courses, one in each):

  a. Critical Race Feminisms
  b. National/Transnational Feminisms

3. Electives (2 courses bearing the GSFS prefix)

4. Senior Work (one-semester capstone or two-semester thesis)

Breadth Requirements (two courses): To ensure that students are conversant with and have some in-depth knowledge of the key concerns animating the field, they must take at least one course each from two breadth requirements. Courses meeting the breadth requirement can be found on the Gender, Sexuality, and Feminist Studies webpage.

Senior Work:  All majors must enroll in GSFS 0700, a one-semester capstone, where they will complete a portfolio and an essay critically engaging with their accumulated knowledge about gender, sexuality and feminism. With permission, some majors may extend this to a two-semester thesis (GSFS 0710), conducting original research. GSFS 0710 provides the flexibility to produce a formal written document, a multi-media project such as a movie, or a creative activity such as a performance or an installation project.

Senior work provides one of the primary means through which students demonstrate their critical thinking skills and their ability to communicate complex ideas effectively and persuasively. This is the primary site through which learning goals will be assessed; advisors will provide their assessment in writing to the students. A public presentation is part of the senior work requirements.

Students must sign up for GSFS 0700 with the professor assigned to teach it that term.

Joint Major: The joint major is comprised of seven (7) courses each in the two disciplines/programs. For GSFS, the requirement includes:

  • GSFS 0191 or GSFS 0289
  • GSFS 0200
  • GSFS 0320
  • Breadth Requirements, 2 courses, one each in:

          a. Critical Race Feminisms

          b. National/Transnational Feminisms

  • GSFS 0435 Feminist Engaged Research (unless taking an equivalent course in the other major and having received the director’s permission to substitute it)
  • Senior Work that combines both majors and is agreed upon by the advisers and department or program chairs (or designees) involved. GSFS 0700 (unless taking an equivalent course in the other major and having received the director’s approval to substitute it)

Minor Requirements: The minor comprises five courses including:

  • Two of the following courses: GSFS 0191, 0200, 0289
  • GSFS 0320
  • Two additional GSFS courses at least one of which fulfills the Critical Race Feminisms breadth requirement

Program in Gender, Sexuality and Feminist Studies

Chellis House Women's Resource Center
56 Hillcrest Road
Middlebury College
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