Requirements for the Major

The major requires a minimum of ten courses and comprises several discrete aspects, as outlined below. Some of the courses can be double-counted if they fulfill different requirements within the major.

Major requirements (10 courses):
One introductory course from the humanities, such as GSFS 0102, or GSFS 0234, or approved by the director
GSFS 0200
GSFS 0320
Two courses to fulfill the Breadth Requirements (explained below)
Three electives bearing the GSFS prefix, one of which must be at the 0300-level or higher and one that must be at the 0400-level or higher
Senior Work (one-semester senior essay or multi-semester thesis)

     Breadth Requirements (two courses): To ensure that students are conversant with and have some in-depth knowledge of the key concerns animating the field, they must take at least one course each from two of three breadth requirements. Courses meeting the breadth requirement can be found on the Gender, Sexuality, and Feminist Studies webpage.

  • Intersectionality/Critical Race
  • Critical Sexuality Studies
  • National/Transnational Contexts

     Senior Work: Majors are required to complete an independent project based in the core field that applies feminist theory and methodology. The project may be either a one-semester senior essay or other creative work (GSFS 0700), or a multi-semester senior thesis (GSFS 0710).
     Minor Requirements: The minor comprises five courses including:
one introductory course from among SOAN/GSFS 0191, ENAM/GSFS 0102, or PHIL/GSFS 0234
GSFS 0200
GSFS 0320
two electives bearing the GSFS prefix