Senior Work

Senior Work:  Majors are required to complete an independent project based in the core field that applies feminist theory and methodology. The project may be either a one-semester senior essay or other creative work (GSFS 0700), or a three-semester senior thesis (GSFS 0710).  Senior work must contain original research, reflect a synthesis of the ideas about gender, sexuality or sex developed over a variety of courses, and offer an articulate understanding of how feminist-queer-trans theories have informed the arguments developed. The senior project provides students the flexibility to produce a formal written document, produce a multi-media project such as a movie, or develop a creative activity such as a performance or an installation project.

Since Gender, Sexuality and Feminist Studies is an interdisciplinary approach, senior work should demonstrate the ability to cross disciplinary boundaries and simultaneously reflect an awareness of knowledge production in a particular discipline. Senior work provides one of the primary means through which students demonstrate their critical thinking skills and their ability to communicate complex ideas effectively and persuasively. This is the primary site through which learning goals will be assessed; advisors will provide their assessment in writing to the students.

In addition to the formal work produced all majors present their findings in a public forum, demonstrating their oral communication skills.  The ability to rigorously and systematically collect data, analyze it, and make this knowledge available to the public are key aspects of the Program. It provides students with one more opportunity to mobilize the connections between the experiential and the theoretical aspects of women and gender studies.  Finally, the public presentation offers students the opportunity for students to conceptualize how their senior work could facilitate social change.