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Senior Work and Thesis 2014

Lily Andrews
"Three White Women's Texts and a Critique of 'Sisterhood”'
In my presentation, I will analyze three texts: The Help, The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks and Orange is the New Black, all of which detail the experiences of women of color and are written by white women. I will focus on a critical analysis of sisterhood through attending to the racial and gendered dynamics in each narrative, and by looking at the cultural impact of these narratives as a collective of 21st century publications. My central claim is that in each text, women come together across boundaries of difference to form "sisterhood;" however, this sisterhood primarily acts to erase and distract from structural oppression, structural chasms and systems of power, and to refashion the white woman into a modern, neoliberal feminist subject. 

Joanna Georgakas
"scigrrrrl: A look into feminist science studies"

Throughout the course of the year I have dedicated my research to understanding what exactly it means to be a woman in science. Along my journey I have learned about women in science, systems that have worked to exclude women from science, how "objective" science really is, and mechanisms to help me combat sex-based discrimination that I have and will continue to face. Through my zine series and online blogs, I have worked to make the information I have gathered more readily available and accessible to others like me, to not only advocate for change within the field, but also to call attention to the fact that patterns of discrimination from the 1800s have not changed as much as we may like to think. 


Program in Gender, Sexuality and Feminist Studies

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