Andrea Murray

Visiting Lecturer in Architecture, AIA, NCARB, LEED AP

Andrea is an architect, planner, and LEED Accredited Professional who, after seven years at Bread Loaf Architects, Planners, Builders, recently started her own practice in Middlebury. She focuses her professional energies on integrating sustainable and healthy design elements and strategies into all her buildings and their relative communities. Having grown up in Rochester, Vermont, Andrea moved home in 2003 from New York City where she worked on various projects with William McDonough + Partners, Flynn-Stott Architects, and the City of New York. Andrea has a Bachelor Degree in English from Syracuse University and a Bachelor Degree in Architecture from the Pratt Institute. Andrea was on the Board of Directors of AIA Vermont and edited their monthly newsletter for four years, 2003-2007. Andrea lectures at conferences throughout Vermont on Integrated Design-Build and Sustainable Design. She has published several articles on similar topics and has received numerous awards for her work.  Andrea lives close to campus with her husband, two sons, and two dogs.

Andrea teaches Introduction to Architectural Design and Architecture and the Environment.  In addition, she is the very proud Lead Faculty Advisor to Middlebury’s 2011 Solar Decathlon team.



Course List: 

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HARC 0130 - Intro. to Architectural Design      

Introduction to Architectural Design
This is a studio course that introduces its members to the values and methods used in the practice of architecture, landscape architecture, and environmental art. A daily journal and intensive group and individual work within the studio space are requirements. This course demands an exceptionally high commitment of time and energy. The course's goals are to use the process of design to gain insight regarding individual and community value systems, and to provide basic experience in the design professions. It is recommended for anyone wishing to improve his or her appreciation for the built environment. Students should anticipate that substantial additional time will be required in the studio in addition to the scheduled class time. 6 hrs. lect./lab ART

Winter 2012, Spring 2012, Winter 2013, Spring 2013, Winter 2014

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HARC 0231 - Architecture & Environment      

Architecture and the Environment
Architecture has a dynamic relationship with the natural and cultural environments in which it operates. As a cultural phenomenon it impacts the physical landscape and uses natural resources while it also frames human interaction, harbors community, and organizes much of public life. We will investigate those relationships and explore strategies to optimize them, in order to seek out environmentally responsive architectural solutions. Topics to be covered include: analysis of a building's site as both natural and cultural contexts, passive and active energy systems, principles of sustainable construction, and environmental impact. Our lab will allow us to study on site, "off-the-grid" dwellings, hay-bale houses, passive solar constructions and alternative communities, meet with "green" designers, architects, and builders, and do hands-on projects. 3 hrs. lect./3 hrs. lab. ART

Fall 2011, Fall 2012, Spring 2014, Spring 2015

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HARC 0330 - Interm. Architectural Design      

Intermediate Architectural Design
This studio course emphasizes the thought and method of architectural design. Members of this studio will be involved in developing their insights towards cultural value systems and their expression in the environments they create. Participants work primarily in the studio space and rely heavily on individual instruction and group review of their work. The course provides a foundation for more advanced study in the areas of architecture, landscape architecture, and other fields related to the design of the built environment, and an opportunity to work with the Cameron Visiting Architect. (HARC 0130) 3 hrs. lect./3 hrs. lab ART

Fall 2014

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HARC 0510 - Advanced Studies      

Advanced Studies
Supervised independent work in art history. (Approval Required)

Winter 2012, Winter 2013, Winter 2014, Winter 2015

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HARC 0530 - Independent Architect. Design      

Supervised independent work in architectural analysis and design. (Approval Required)

Fall 2011, Fall 2012

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INTD 0268 - Construction Mgmnt/Competition      

Solar Decathlon 2011: Construction Management & Competition
The Department of Energy (DOE) and National Research Energy Laboratory (NREL) sponsored Solar Decathlon is a competition to design and construct a solar-powered house. Middlebury College was recently selected to participate in the 2011 challenge. The objective of this course is to apply the previously prepared construction documentation to build and transport the Solar Decathlon house to the competition in Washington, D.C. and back to Middlebury again. The main components of this course will include project buy-out; project construction and deconstruction on campus and off; facilitating transport to Washington, DC; establishing the project on its final site; and project safety monitoring. Students registered for this course will likely travel to DC for the competition. (Approval required; please contact Andrea Murray prior to registration).

Fall 2011

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INTD 0271 - Design Development      

Solar Decathlon 2013: Design Development & Project Communications
Solar Decathlon, sponsored by The Department of Energy (DOE), is a competition to design and construct a solar-powered house. Middlebury College was recently selected to participate in the 2013 challenge. The objective of this studio course is to develop the design for the approved project in accordance with the deliverables and deadlines set forth by the DOE. The main components of this course will include: architectural detail development; structural engineering coordination; mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and fire protection engineering and coordination; landscape design; building code analysis and compliance; physical model construction; and building information modeling. In addition, this course will support student communications and outreach efforts. Students in this course will work in partnership with students in the Pre-Construction Management course. (Approval required; please contact Andrea Murray prior to registration.)

Fall 2012

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INTD 0274 - Construction Documentation II      

Solar Decathlon 2013: Construction Documentation (Part Two)
This course is a continuation of INTD 0273. In addition to the tasks described for INTD 0273, students in this class will spend time on fundraising and outreach efforts. Students will also document and monitor start-up construction activities, which will begin midway through the semester. Preference will be given, but not restricted, to students who have taken INTD 0273.

Spring 2013

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INTD 0500 - Independent Study      

Independent Study
Approval Required

Fall 2011

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