Architectural Studies Majors

 A brief introduction to a handful of our 40-50 architectural studies majors...
catie_auranCatie Auran (Class of 2014)  Catie Auran, a senior from New York City is an architectural studies major with a minor in psychology.  She studied abroad in Copenhagen, Denmark with DIS - a pre-architecture program.  Catie did a joint internship at McBride & Associates architecture firm and Kari McCabe Inc. in NYC two summers ago and interned at Eric Choler Design in NYC this past summer; both internships were for interior design firms.  Some of her favorite courses in the department include Modern Architecture and the architecture studio classes.
Maggie Cochrane (Class of 2016)  Maggie Cochrane, a sophomore from Windham, NH, is an architectural studies major and theater minor.  She is a member of the Middlebury a cappella group, the Paradiddles, and works on the college newspaper - The Campus. Maggie plans on studying abroad in Copenhagen, Denmark next year.  Two of her favorite courses at Midd have been Art of the City and Architectural Studio I. 
brandon gell (class of 2016)Brandon Gell (Class of 2016)  Brandon Gell, a sophomore from Chappaqua, NY is an architectural studies major.  He is the panel designer and a construction manager for InSite with the solar decathlon team.  Brandon is also a member of ski patrol at the Snow Bowl.  He currently works in McCullough, setting up and taking down the PA systems, works at the bike shop, and has his own radio show - Zen Lunatics.  He will be studying abroad in the fall in Copenhagen.glubovich_por

Natalia Golubovich (Class of 2015)  Natalia Golubovich, a junior from Moscow, Russia, is an architectural studies major.  She is on the sailing team, active in the Russian department, works at the language tables and used to be on the fencing and figure skating teams.  Natalia chose to stay at Middlebury her junior year because she is already studying abroad.  Natalia interned in the marketing department of the Arcadia Group in London, UK.  Some of her favorite courses at Middlebury have included Modern Architecture and Architectural Design.
Phoebe Howe (Class of 2015)  Phoebe Howe, a junior from Holderness, NH, is a joint major in environmental studies and architectural studies. She is also an active member of the Mountain Club.  Phoebe studied abroad in Botswana, participating in the Round River Conservation Studies.  Last fall she interned for the Yestermorrow Semester Program in Sustainable Design/Build.  While at Middlebury, her favorite course has been her Intermediate Studio class with Wendy Cox.
Sivhanyaa Kamalanathan (Class of 2015)  Shivs, a junior from Singapore, is an architectural studies major and Spanish minor.  Shivs is a member of the Middlebury a cappella group - Mamajamas, the student-run dance group - Riddim, an instructor at Middkid Dance Studio, and works at the LIS Circulation Desk.  While abroad in Madrid, she is pursuing an internship with the architecture firm, Moneo Brock Studios.
Will Lones (Class of 2014)  Will Lones, a senior from North Yarmouth, ME, is an architectural studies major and a Spanish, math, and solar decathlon minor.  His junior fall he traveled abroad to La Serena, Chile.  Some of his favorite courses at Middlebury have been Modern Architecture, American Design, Art of the City, Childhood through Culture, Architectural Utopias, and Past and Future Climate.
Carter Makin (Class of 2015) Carter Makin, a junior from Gloucester, MA is an architectural studies major with a double minor in environmental science and Italian.  Carter is a member of the varsity squash and JV lacrosse team.  She works on the MCAB Concerts Committee and Relay for Life.  Carter studied abroad in Florence, Italy where she took all her classes in Italian with graduate students and native Italians.  One of her favorite courses in the department was Modern Architecture.
margolin_porEliza Margolin (Class of 2015)  Eliza Margolin, a junior from Somerville, MA, is a joint major in environmental studies and architectural studies, with a math minor.  Eliza is the co-president of the Architecture Table, design team member of the solar decathlon team 2013, member of the Swing Dance Club and Youthful Alliance of Merrymaking, and in the summer of 2013 was a marketing intern at the Shelburne Museum.
Jane McCabe (Class of 2015)  Jane McCabe, a junior from Middlebury, VT, is a double major in architectural studies and studio art.  This past fall Jane studied abroad in Madrid, Spain.  She is a member of the a cappella group - the Middlebury Mischords.
Joseph Mutter (Class of 2015)  Joseph Mutter, a junior from San Antonio, TX, is an architectural studies major with a minor in studio art and German.  Joseph is the lead engineer and material researcher for the 2013 solar decathlon team.  He did not study abroad, however he aspires to live abroad one day.  This summer, Joseph is interning with the National Park Service doing historical preservation architecture.  Some of his favorite courses at Middlebury have been Architectural Utopias, Yoga, Philosophy, & Practice, Intermediate Architectural Design, and Confucius & Confucianism.
alixpauchetAlix Pauchet (Class of 2015)  Alix Pauchet, a junior originally from Paris, France, is an architectural studies major with a minor in psychology.  Alix is a member of the equestrian team, a french tutor, and co-president of the European Student Association.  She is also a member of the International Student Organization, the Architecture Table, EatReal, and Habitat for Humanity.  Alix went abroad to Sydney, Australia to study urban planning.  This past summer, she interned with the french company Bouygues Construction in Paris, a government funded organization that provides public housing with a relatively low carbon-footprint.  She also helped design her father's cafe - Spillicks - in Meudon.
russo_por2Alexander Russo (Class of 2014)  Alexander Russo, a senior from "all over America," is an architectural studies and studio art joint major.  Alexander works as a sculpture tech monitor in the wood and metal shops.  He interned for the Artist Fellowship at Franconia Sculpture Park in Minnesota and for the Artist Fellowship at Salem Art Works in New York, both involved the designing and creation of large scale, three-dimensional public sculptures.

Page Song (Class of 2015)  Page Song, a junior from Toronto, Canada is a double major with architectural studies and economics.  Page was a member of the Ross Commons Council her sophomore year, and is currently a member of the Yoga Club and the Architecture Table.  Page studied abroad in Paris at the Architecture School - École Spéciale d' Architecture.
Amr Thameen (Class of 2014)  Amr Thameen, a senior from Bagdad, Iraq, is an architectural studies major with a minor in Portuguese.  He was the President for the Arabesque Club, worked as an Arabic tutor, worked in the Box Office, and is still working as part of the Tech Crew for CCAL.  Amr participates in IM soccer and makes cartoons for The Campus.  He studied abroad in Florianopolis, Brazil his junior year and had an interior design internship in Amman, Jordan.  Over J-term he interned with 511 Gallery in New York.

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