Class of 2013 History of Art Senior Majors

Thomas Bryenton, from Knoxville, TN, is a senior Art History major.  For his thesis, he is exploring public privacy in Augustus Saint-Gaudens and the American House Museum.  His other campus activities include Kappa Delta Rho.
Maddie Firestone, from Solvang, California, is a senior Art History major.  She is exploring discussion vision, devotion, and surrogacy in the Middlebury College’s late gothic statue of Saint Barbara.  Her extracurricular activities include varsity volleyball and working at the campus mail center.
Claire Jensen, a Feb from Nantucket, MA, is a senior Art History major.  She is currently abroad in Florence, Italy doing research for her thesis about Quattrocento Florentine art, focusing on Fra Angelico and his frescoes at the convent of San Marco.  Her extracurricular activities include MAP, working as an Education Intern at the Museum, as well as singing a cappella in the Bobolinks.

Audrey Tolbert, from Perryville, MD, is a senior Art History major, minoring in French and Italian which she utilized abroad in Poitiers, France and Rome, as well as Italy. For her thesis, she explored processions in the Baptisteries at Ravenna.  She has a long list of extracurricular activities at Middlebury including, varsity swimming and diving, women’s club water polo, lead editor of MiddBlog, member of the Mountain Ayres Renaissance Madrigal a cappella Group, Student Representative of CAPP, and Student Member of the Working Group on Online Pedagogy.


Dan Waldman, from Lexington, KY, is a senior Art History major, minoring in American History.  For his thesis, he studied the national mall as the architectural embodiment of American democracy.  Dan plays varsity lacrosse and is employed as an intramurals sports coordinator and Middlebury Wash and Carry.

Neile Weeks, from Baltimore, MD, is a senior Art History major, minoring in French.  Neile studied abroad in Prague and upon returning began to explore the paintings of Les Femmes Modernes for her senior thesis.  Neile is the co-captain of the Women’s Lacrosse team at Middlebury.
Liza Winton, from Wayzata, MN, is a senior Art History major, minoring in Economics and Environmental Studies.  For her thesis she is studying the self-portrait in Anselm Kiefer’s Melancholia I.  Liza is a student co-chair of the Community Judicial Board, research assistant for Professor Jon Isham at the Center for Social Entrepreneurship, and also works at M Gallery. 
  Stephanie Keating is a senior Art History major.
  Edmee Lepercq is a senior Art History major.
  Steve McKenna is a senior Art History major.
  Libby Miner is a senior Art History major.
  Andrea Whittle is a senior Art History major.
  Bea Whitton is a senior Art History major. 


Class of 2012 Senior Majors


Jamie Burchfield, from Locust Valley, NY, is a senior art history major, minoring in history and political science. Interested in combining her minors with her major for her senior thesis project, Jamie is exploring the relationship between art and politics in 1968 Chicago.




Hunter Chamberlain is a senior double major in Art History and Economics from Kansas City.  For his thesis, he will be investigating the politically charged 15th century commission of the Porta della Carta in Venice by doge Francesco Foscari, (1373-1457).




Elizabeth Garry of Maramoneck, New York is a History of Art and Architecture major with a minor in Sociology .





Alex Guynn '12

Alexandra Guynn is a senior art history major from Chicago, IL. Countless visits to the Art Institute of Chicago growing up sparked her interest in art history and caused her to pursue it at Middlebury. She has always been drawn to expressionist art movements, recently German Expressionism. Having been deeply moved by Otto Dix's War Series depicting the horrors of combat in World War I, Alexandra has decided to delve into the meaning of these prints, in addition to Dix's other works focused on war, for her senior thesis project


Rob Johnson ’12 from Braintree, MA, is  researching Alexander Gardner's photographs of the American West



Zachary Karst is a senior art history major from Phoenix, AZ.  His senior thesis project is entitled "Artist as Entrepreneur: Bernini at St. Peter's.





Nerissa Khan is a senior Art History major who is writing her thesis on Donald Judd's design practice. If you have a chair, send it her way.



Lilah Leopold is a joint art history and studio art major from Montclair, NJ. Her senior thesis project examining site-specific works at gateways to the arctic emerged from a synthesis of studying abroad in Iceland and Norway and her time at Middlebury.


Leann Li is a senior from New York double majoring in History of Art and French.  She will be writing her thesis on the twentieth century photographer, Richard Avedon, and his interest in the performance of portraiture, present in both his iconic images of notable cultural figures and the misfits and social pariahs of his series, In the American West.


averymcniffAvery McNiff is an Art History (studio art minor?) from Gloucester, MA. She is greatly influenced by her experience studying abroad in Cape Town, South Africa and will be  writing her thesis on the contemporary South African artist William Kentridge.



Cameron Poole grew up within the beach community of Duxbury, MA. She is writing her senior thesis on fellow coastal dweller and lithographer Odilon Redon and how his relationship to his childhood home of Bordeaux shaped his famous Noirs.



Clémence Revuz is an art history major exchange student from La Sorbonne. Interested in cross-cultural issues, she is studying the North American reception of Chinese contemporary art for her senior thesis.





Clare Vance  is a senior Art History and French Major from New York. She became interested in René Magritte after spending her junior year in Paris and will be writing her thesis on the role of text in his work.


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