Wendy Cox teaches courses in history and theory of architecture and design studios focusing on sustainability and cultural critique. She is a guest critic for Dartmouth College, Ecole Polytechnique Paris, France and RISD.  She received her undergraduate degree from Miami University and a Master of Architecture degree from the University of Colorado, Denver.  She became a registered architect in 1996 and continues with her private practice specializing in sustainable design projects.  Her work has been exhibited at the National Building Museum, Washington D.C., Nexus Art Gallery, Atlanta, GA, and the University of Colorado, Denver, CO. Her design entry in the international design competition for the Women in Military Service for America Memorial in Arlington Cemetery is archived at the Memorial.  She lectures both in the US and internationally on architectural strategies inspired by complexity theory.



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HARC 0130 - Intro. to Architectural Design      

Introduction to Architectural Design
This is a studio course that introduces its members to the values and methods used in the practice of architecture, landscape architecture, and environmental art. A daily journal and intensive group and individual work within the studio space are requirements. This course demands an exceptionally high commitment of time and energy. The course's goals are to use the process of design to gain insight regarding individual and community value systems, and to provide basic experience in the design professions. It is recommended for anyone wishing to improve his or her appreciation for the built environment. Students should anticipate that substantial additional time will be required in the studio in addition to the scheduled class time. 6 hrs. lect./lab


Fall 2010, Fall 2011

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HARC 0330 - Interm. Architectural Design      

Intermediate Architectural Design
This studio course emphasizes the thought and method of architectural design. Members of this studio will be involved in developing their insights towards cultural value systems and their expression in the environments they create. Participants work primarily in the studio space and rely heavily on individual instruction and group review of their work. The course provides a foundation for more advanced study in the areas of architecture, landscape architecture, and other fields related to the design of the built environment, and an opportunity to work with the Cameron Visiting Architect. An introduction to computer aided drawing is integrated into this course. (HARC 0130) 3 hrs. lect./3 hrs. lab


Fall 2012, Spring 2013, Spring 2014

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HARC 0332 - Buildings in Context      

Buildings in Context
In this course we will focus on the various methods and theories that enrich and deepen our understanding of architecture and the built environment. This seminar will help students hone their analytical skills, both verbal and written, and provide them with the tools to probe the relationship of the built environment to professional practices and larger cultural forces. In general, students will gain an awareness of objects of culture broadly construed, and will sharpen their understanding of the scope and intellectual history of architecture. It is strongly encouraged that students majoring in Architectural Studies take this course in their second or third year. 3 hrs. sem.


Fall 2013

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HARC 0530 - Independent Architect. Design      

Supervised independent work in architectural analysis and design. (Approval Required)

Fall 2013, Fall 2014

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HARC 0731 - Arch Studies Research Thesis      

Thesis in Architectural Studies: Research
This studio course constitutes the first part of the two-term senior design project in Architectural Studies. Pre-design research includes precedent study, programming, site analysis, and formulation of a thesis to be investigated through the design process. Preliminary design work begins with conceptual studies, and culminates in a coherent schematic design, to be developed further in Senior Architectural Design, Part II. Students present their work in graphic, oral, and written formats. (HARC 0330 or equivalent) 6 hrs. sem.

Winter 2012

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HARC 0732 - Senior Architectural Design II      

Thesis in Architectural Studies: Design
This studio course constitutes the second part of the two-term senior design project in Architectural Studies. Building upon the architectural research, analysis, and preliminary design work conducted during the fall semester, students develop their thesis projects to a higher level of understanding and refinement. Students also engage in intense peer review and work with visiting design critics, concluding with public presentations of the final projects, and a project portfolio describing all aspects of the completed design. (HARC 0731) 6 hrs. sem.

Spring 2011, Spring 2012

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HARC 1014 - Bauhaus Vorkurs      

Experiencing the Bauhaus /Vorkurs/
The Bauhaus, in the words of its originator, was an ‘idea’. This idea—a state run experiment in arts education during the Weimar Republic—remains one of the most powerful underlying generators for modern design from buildings to furniture available at IKEA. Fundamental design principles were introduced through an intensive course, the Vorkurs, taught by luminaries Itten, Kandinsky and Albers. In this course we will experience a condensed Vorkurs. Content will include historical background for design principles which will be explored through hands-on design workshops. No prior artistic proclivities needed, just a desire to experience expressing one’s inner self through form. This course counts as a HARC elective.


Winter 2013, Winter 2014

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