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Silvina Lopez Barrera

Silvina Lopez Barrera has recently joined the Architectural Studies Program at Middlebury College. Previously she was a Lecturer of Architecture at Iowa State University where she taught design studios. Silvina is a licensed Architect in Uruguay and she holds a Master of Architecture degree from Iowa State University. Her current academic interests include a multidisciplinary approach to space, informal urbanism, public interest design, sustainable alternatives for rural-urban communities and food systems, and trans-nationalism particularly in finding linkages between Latin America and the U.S. She is a member of Uruguayan Society of Architects and an associate member of the American Institute of Architects. Silvina was on the Education and Programs Committee of Iowa Women in Architecture and contributed to the publication “Best Practice Recommendations for the Design Profession”



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HARC 0120 - DesignLab: Creating Innovation      

DesignLab: Creating Innovation
In this course students will explore the fundamental principles of design thinking and creative innovation. We will pursue all aspects of the design process, from discerning opportunities and researching solutions to developing concepts and generating prototypes. We will explore design approaches from the renowned Bauhaus to those offered today by digital development and fabrication, including 3-D printing. Students will participate in workshops, conduct individual projects, work in teams, and make presentations on implementing their designs. We will also engage in discussions of how their designs affect the environmental and ethical aspects of our increasingly global and digital world. 3 hrs. lect ART

Fall 2017

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HARC 0530 - Independent Architect. Design      

Supervised independent work in architectural analysis and design. (Approval Required)

Fall 2017, Fall 2018, Fall 2019

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HARC 0731 - Arch Studies Research Thesis      

Thesis in Architectural Studies: Research
This studio course constitutes the first part of the two-term senior design project in Architectural Studies. Pre-design research includes precedent study, programming, site analysis, and formulation of a thesis to be investigated through the design process. Preliminary design work begins with conceptual studies, and culminates in a coherent schematic design, to be developed further in Senior Architectural Design, Part II. Students present their work in graphic, oral, and written formats. (HARC 0330 or equivalent) 6 hrs. sem.

Fall 2017

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