Ian Barrow

Professor of History

South Asia, World History, East India Company

 Fall 2016: Mondays 1:40 - 2:40 pm Wednesdays 10:00 am - 12:00 pm, or by appointment
 Axinn Center at Starr Library 339

Ian Barrow has taught in the history department at Middlebury since 1998. He was born in Switzerland, grew up in England and then attended Wesleyan University (B.A.), the University of Virginia (M.A.), and the University of Chicago (Ph.D.). He teaches on South Asian history, imperialism, the East India Company and world history. He is currently writing a book on assassinations in South Asia, with a focus on the museums and memorials that have been established in honor of Mahatma Gandhi (died 1948), SWRD Bandaranaike (1959), Mujibur Rahman (1975), Ziaur Rahman (1981), Indira Gandhi (1984) and Rajiv Gandhi (1991). He is also researching the Indian coins of the East India Company that were minted between the 1750s and the 1850s. His two books, Surveying and Mapping in Colonial India and Making History, Drawing Territory: British Mapping in India, c. 1756-1905 were published by Oxford University Press in 2008 and 2003, respectively. He has won grants from the Marion and Jasper Whiting Foundation, the Fulbright Scholar program, the American Institute of Indian Studies, the American Institute for Sri Lankan Studies, the American Institute of Bangladesh Studies, the Social Science Research Council and the J. B. Harley Research Fellowship program. He has served as the history department chair, the director of South Asian Studies program, and the director of Middlebury's International Studies program.


Surveying and Mapping in Colonial Sri Lanka, 1800-1900, (Oxford University Press, 2008).

Making History, Drawing Territory: British Mapping in India, c. 1756-1905, (Oxford University Press, 2003).

Selected Articles:

Finding the Nation in Assassination: The Death of SWRD Bandaranaike and the Assertion of a Sinhalese Sri Lankan Identity,’ The Historian, Vol. 76, Issue 4, Winter 2014, 784-802.

'The many meanings of the Black Hole of Calcutta,' in Tall Tales and True: India, Historiography and British Imperial Imaginings, ed. by Kate Brittlebank, (Monash University Press, 2008) 7-18.

'The Colonial Transition: South Asia, 1780-1840,' co-written with Douglas E. Haynes, Modern Asian Studies (38:3, 2004), 469-478.

'India for the Working Classes: The Maps of the Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge,' Modern Asian Studies (38:3, 2004), 677-702.

'Surveying in Ceylon during the Nineteenth Century,' Imago Mundi (55, 2003) 81-96.

'From Hindustan to India: Naming Change in Changing Names,' South Asia: Journal of South Asian Studies (XXVI, 2003) 37-49.



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