Middlebury School in Cameroon


The IGS-African Studies program enthusiastically supports the School in Cameroon.  Dr. Ariane Ngabeu directs the School. 


IGS-AS students’ experiences in Cameroon:


“Yaoundé is definitely not the most comfortable Study Abroad
destination; water and electricity are not taken for granted, 8 people
fit in a Toyota Corolla, and the class schedule of the week is unknown
until the Saturday before. However, the people you meet and the
environment you experience will give you an enriched understanding of
life and give a whole new meaning to love, family, friends, money,
food, time, space and everything else.” – Yuki Takeda ‘14


“Spending a semester in Yaoundé was the craziest and most amazing experience I have ever had.  The city and the people I met there challenged me every day to learn and to grow from my surroundings, and I am a better student, worker, and citizen for it. The connections and friendships I made with my host family will last a life time, and I truly consider them my Cameroonian family.” – Jordan McKinley ‘14

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