Faculty Research and Updates

Michael Sheridan (SOAN) is working on a project in comparative institutional ethnobotany.  He's studying the use of particular plant genus, Dracaena, to mark property rights, create the boundaries of social relationships in the landscape, and symbolize moral authority, peace, and ecological order.  This project is taking him to Tanzania and Cameroon, and into the African Diaspora in the Eastern Caribbean. 

His recent publications include:

2014    “The social life of landesque capital and a Tanzanian case study,” in Landesque Capital: The Historical Ecology of Enduring Landscape Modifications, N. Thomas Håkansson and Mats Widgren, eds, pp. 155-171.  Walnut Creek, CA:  Left Coast Press.

2012    Guest editor, “The Politics of Rain,” special theme issue, Journal of Eastern African Studies 6(2):230-370.

2012    “Global warming and global war: Tanzanian farmers’ discourse on climate and political disorder,” special theme issue, Journal of Eastern African Studies 6(2):230-245.

2012    “Water:  Irrigation and resilience in the Tanzanian highlands,” in Ecology and Power: Struggles over Land and Material Resources in the Past, Present, and Future, Alf Hornborg, Brett Clark, and Kenneth Hermele, eds., pp. 168-181. London:  Routledge.

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