East Asian Studies

East Asian Studies Director: Elizabeth Morrison (Religion)
Office: Munroe 120, x3438
E-mail: emorriso@middlebury.edu
Office Hours: Monday and Wednesday 3-4, Friday 11-12, and by appt.

East Asian Studies consists of the interdisciplinary study of the civilizations of easternmost Asia, which are principally thought of as those of China and Japan as well as those of the contiguous countries of Korea (presently, divided into North and South Korea) and Vietnam. On the one hand, as a cohesive region, East Asia evinces considerable cultural continuity. However, on the other hand, the various modern nation-states that comprise East Asia are distinguished by having dissimilar cultural heritages, as is exhibited in their languages, literatures, and arts; their histories, philosophies, and religions; and their politics, economics, and social institutions.

As an East Asian Studies major, you will be exposed intensively to the traditions of your country of choice as well as to its contemporary challenges confronted within a global context. You will find your in-depth preparatory training in the principal language and social mores of a selected East Asian national culture complemented by unique perspectives acquired through immersion while studying abroad. You will also ground your study of East Asia in a specific academic discipline, which will serve both as a lens for understanding and a means of communicating your acquired knowledge of the region as a whole.

Sample Courses:

  • HIST 0111 Early East Asia
  • HIST 0112 Modern East Asia
  • CHNS 0219 The Chinese Literary Tradition (in translation)
  • JAPN/RELI 0228 Japanese Religions
  • JAPN 0290 The Tale of Genji (in English)
  • PSCI 0221 Contemporary Chinese Politics
  • SOAN 0335 The Anthropology of China

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