Middle East Studies

Middle East Studies Director: Samuel Liebhaber (Arabic)
Office: Farrell House 205, Phone: 802-443-5598
E-mail: slieb@middlebury.edu 
Office Hours Spring 2015: Mondays 10:00 - 11:30, Tuesdays 2:45 - 4:15 and by appointment.

The Middle East Studies major highlights the social, historical, political, cultural, and linguistic, traditions of this varied region and illuminates the area’s centrality and relevance in today’s world. Transcending the simplistic paradigms which often saturate current news outlets, the major emphasizes and encourages a complex and multi-disciplinary approach towards the study of the region. The major also draws upon and showcases the expertise of our diverse faculty from multiple departments and programs, whose research, publications, and teaching encapsulate the region’s geographic expanse.

As a Middle East Studies major, you will be exposed to a rich array of disciplinary and intellectual perspectives. Our curriculum stresses the region’s foundational religious traditions; the historical rise of major Islamic empires; the promises and disruptions of modern colonialism and nationalism; current political conflicts and wars; disputes and negotiations over borders and natural resources;  the rise of diasporic and refugee communities; and the region’s cultural richness in poetry, literature, linguistics, religious practices, and even food.

Sample courses about the region:

  • ARBC 0212: The Arabic Novel
  • ARBC 0410: Classical Arabic Prose
  • GEOG 0220: Geopolitics of the Middle East
  • HIST 0352:  Food History in the Middle East
  • IGST 0343/SOAN 0343: Contemporary Israel
  • RELI 0150: The Islamic Tradition
  • RELI 0236: The Orthodox Church

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