Russian & East European Studies

Russian and East European Studies Director: Kevin Moss (Russian)
Office: FIC Freeman FR4 - Telephone: 802-443-5786
Office Hours: Tuesdays and Wednesdays 1:00 - 2:00 and by appointment

The Russian and East European Studies program (REES) combines proficiency in Russian language with a solid interdisciplinary background in the economics, geography, history, culture and politics of this region sufficient to achieve a broad understanding of its past and present, and its role and place in the world.  REES will prepare majors to understand the specifics of the region in a global perspective, conduct research in a language, and be able to engage in complex interactions with native-speaking professionals.  Such training will prepare majors to work in the business world, government and non-profit organizations, foreign service, and to continue education at graduate school.

As a REES major you will be exposed to rigorous language training, achieve high level of linguistic and cultural competence through Middlebury coursework and Study Abroad Program.  You will spend a semester or a year in one of our Programs in Russia:  Moscow, Yaroslavl or Irkutsk, taking advantage of the opportunity to enroll in courses along with Russian natives, participate in various internship programs.  At Middlebury you will take regional courses in various disciplines and participate in seminars on the global issues.

 Sample courses about the region.

  • RUSS0122 The Russian Mind
  • RUSS0151 The Golden Age Literature
  • RUSS0152 Russian Modernism
  • RUSS351 Dostoyevsky
  • RUSS352 Tolstoy
  • RUSS0354 Chekhov
  • HIST0247 Imperial Russia
  • HIST0248 Modern Russia
  • HIST0410 Readings in Soviet History
  • HIST0450  US/Soviet Popular Culture
  • ECON0230 Transformation in Eurasia
  • ECON0430 Post-Communist Econ Transition
  • PSCI0227  Soviet and Russian Politics
  • PSCI0228  Central/East European Politics
  • PSCI0424 Comparative Democratization
  • CMLT0358 The Art and Life of Non-Conformism in Twentieth-Century America and Russia

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