Global Security Studies

Students majoring in Security Studies must take 5 thematic courses—in at least three departments and across two divisions—from this list. The five-course cluster which will allow students to lay a foundation and gain breadth in security issues will consist of:

  1. One Introductory course
  2. Two courses on International security issues
  3. One course on Societal security issues
  4. One course on Global security issues

Introductory course list

ENVS 0112      Natural Science & Environment

ENVS 0208      Environmental Justice in the Anthropocene

GEOG 0209     Human Geography of Hazards

HIST 0115      Genocides Throughout History 

HIST 0206      The United States and the World 

PHIL 0207      Philosophy of Human Rights 

PSCI 0109      International Politics

SOCI 0274     Global Migration (SOAN 0274)

International security courses

FREN 0353     French Foreign Policy

GEOG 0207    Resource Wars

GEOG 0215    Political Geography

GEOG 0220    Geopolitics of the Middle East

GEOG 0414    Seminar on Political Geography

INTD 0108      European Catastrophe 1914-1945

HIST 0114      History of Modern Africa

HIST 0206      The United States and the World

HIST 0245      History of Modern Europe 1800-1900

HIST 0246      Modern Europe, 1900-1989 

HIST 0262      History of Modern Middle East

HIST 0317      South Africa in the World

HIST 0375      Struggles in Southern Africa

HIST 0397      America and the Pacific

HIST 0439      Ottomans in the Middle East and Balkans

HIST 0447     CSPW (Calderwood Seminar in Public Writing): Reporting Genocide

HIST 0475      Imperialism/Anti-Imperialism in Asia

HIST 0479      Pacific Century: Chinese-American Relations, 1898-Present

INTD 1078     Nuclear Arms Control

PHIL 0208      Morality and War

PSCI 0109      International Politics

PSCI 0236*    International Law *course number not final 

PSCI 0239      Future of Great Power Relations

PSCI 0242      Int’l Politics & WMD

PSCI 0258      Politics of Int’l Humanitarian Action

PSCI 0262      Might and Right Among Nations

PSCI 0311      American Foreign Policy

PSCI 0322      War & Peace

PSCI 0349      International Politics of the Middle East

PSCI 0449      Asian Regional Security

PSCI 1161      Refugee Crises in South Asia (SOAN 1161)

RELI 0396      War, Peace, Christian America

Societal security courses

ENVS 0349     Social Environmental Justice

FREN 0359     Resistance & Memory

GEOG 0436    Terrorism

GSFS 0328     Gender Politics in the Arab World

HIST 0115      Genocides Throughout History

HIST 0222      US Environmental History, Nature and Inequality

HIST 0240      History of Pakistan

HIST 0257      The Holocaust

HIST 0266      Egypt, Iran & Turkey: Alternative Modernizations

HIST 0406      French Revolution and Terror

HIST 0433      Latin America in the 1960s

HIST 1044      Policing the Globe

INTD 1228      Medical Ethics and Bioethics

INTD 1230      Policing the Globe

PSCI 0260      Political Economy of Drug Trafficking

PSCI 0278      Politics of Insurgency

PSCI 0335      Latin American Revolutions

PSCI 0392      Insurgency and Security Policy

PSCI 0438      Political Islam

RELI 0293      Health Care Ethics

RELI 0298      Privilege and Poverty

SPAN 0452     Marxism in Latin America


Global security courses

ANTH 0267    Global Health (SOAN 0267)

ANTH 0341     The Anthropology of War and Peace (SOAN 0341)

ENVS 0208     Environmental Justice in the Anthropocene

ENVS 0380     Global Challenges

ENVS 0385     Global Political Ecology

GEOG 0209    Human Geography of Hazards

GEOG 0211    The Global Economy

GSFS 0209     Global Health Environment

HIST 0303      Oil, Opium, and Oligarchs

HIST 0306      Global Fascism

PHIL 0207      Philosophy of Human Rights 

PHIL 0408      Global Justice

PSCI 0307      Politics of Virtual Realities

PSCI 0372      Gender and Int’l Relations

PSCI 0340      Int’l Order and Organization

RELI 0201      Religon and Violence

SOCI 0274     Global Migration (SOAN 0274)

Program in International and Global Studies

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