Roberto Pareja

Roberto Pareja is an Assistant Professor of Spanish. He received his Ph. D. on Latin American Literature and Cultural Studies from Georgetown University. His doctoral dissertation “Dilemmas of Andean Modernity” studies the intersection of aesthetics and politics in the work of intellectuals from Bolivia and Perú at the beginning of the twentieth century.

He currently teaches language courses at intermediate levels and upper level literature and culture courses.



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SPAN 0102 - Beginning Spanish II      

Beginning Spanish II
This course is a continuation of SPAN 0101. (SPAN 0101) WTR

Winter 2016

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SPAN 0201 - Intermediate Spanish      

Intermediate Spanish
This accelerated course is designed to review, reinforce, and consolidate the linguistic structures that students need in order to reach the intermediate level of proficiency in Spanish. A grammar review will accompany intensive language acquisition, vocabulary expansion, readings, discussions, and compositions. (Placement test required) 3 hrs. lect., 1 hr. drill. LNG

Fall 2015

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SPAN 0220 - Intermediate Spanish II      

Intermediate Spanish II
A course for students seeking to perfect their academic writing skills in Spanish. The course is also an introduction to literary analysis and critical writing and will include reading and oral discussion of literary texts. The course will also include a thorough review of grammar at a fairly advanced level. This course may be used to fulfill the foreign languages distribution requirement. (SPAN 0201, SPAN 0210, or placement) 3 hrs. lect./disc. LNG

Spring 2015

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SPAN 0300 - Intro to Hispanic Literature      

An Introduction to the Study of Hispanic Literature
This course in literature and advanced language is designed to introduce students to literary analysis and critical writing. The work will be based on the reading of a number of works in prose, drama, and poetry. Frequent short, critical essays will complement readings and provide students with practice in writing. (SPAN 0220 or placement) 3 hrs. lect./disc. AAL AMR CMP CW LIT LNG

Fall 2015, Spring 2016

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SPAN 0450 - National Culture and Space      

National Culture and Space: Art, Narrative, and Travel of Explorations in 19th Century Bolivia and Peru
In this seminar we will study canonical and non-canonical narrative texts from 19th-century Bolivia and Peru from a socio-spatial perspective. Alongside literary texts, we will consider texts by travelers and explorers, pamphlets, maps, pictorial artwork, and photographs that highlight the importance of constructing national spaces as a prerequisite for constructing national cultures in both of these countries during the 19th century. Among other materials, we will read and analyze Nataniel Aguirre's historical novel Juan de la Rosa, extracts from Manuel Atanasio Fuentes'Lima: apuntes históricos, descriptivos, estadísticos y de costumbres, the pictorial artwork of Johann Moritz Rugendas, and relevant theory on the relationship between space and nation. (Senior majors with at least two Spanish courses numbered 0350 or above, or by waiver.) AAL ART CMP

Spring 2015

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SPAN 0500 - Independent Study      

Independent Study
The department will consider requests by qualified juniors and senior majors to engage in independent work. (Approval only)

Winter 2015, Spring 2015, Fall 2015, Winter 2016, Spring 2016, Winter 2017

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SPAN 0705 - Senior Honors Thesis      

Senior Honors Thesis
The department will award honors, high honors, or highest honors on the basis of a student's work in the department and performance in SPAN 0705. (Approval only)

Winter 2015, Spring 2015, Fall 2015, Winter 2016, Spring 2016, Winter 2017

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"'La luz del conocimiento los hará libres'. Escritura, ideología e interpelación en Juan de la Rosa de Nataniel Aguirre y Juanito sabe leer de Jorge Ruiz." Bolivian Research Review 9:2 (February 2013).

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“Teoría del discurso y crítica político-cultural: de Saussure a Laclau, via Barthes.”Página y Signos. Revista de Linguística y Literatura 2.3 (2008): 31- 42.


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