International and Global Studies Learning Goals

The international and global studies program aims at educating majors about regional studies in a global perspective. Using different disciplinary perspectives, students majoring in International Studies will be exposed to the historic, cultural, political and economic dimensions of a particular geographic region as well as its place in the world.

The central components of this education are:
  1. Advanced competency in a foreign language
  2. Knowledge of an academic discipline's paradigm
  3. Interdisciplinary understanding of a specific geographic region
  4. Understanding of inter-regional relationships in a global context
  5. Study abroad
  6. Senior work
Goals and assessment:
  1. Foreign Language: students must demonstrate competency in a language by (a) meeting minimum language requirements for study abroad (usually the equivalent of two years of college courses, but for some languages the requirement is higher), (b) completing an upper-level language course at Middlebury
  2. Academic Discipline: students must demonstrate familiarity with a discipline from the humanities or social sciences by successfully completing a minimum of six courses within that discipline. These courses introduce students to disciplinary methodology, language, and expectations, and provide students with additional skills that are specific to the chosen discipline.
  3. Region of the World: students must demonstrate knowledge of a region of the world by (a) successfully completing at least three courses from a variety of disciplines that concentrate on a region and (b) successfully completing at least one semester of study abroad.
  4. Interconnected Nature of the World: students must demonstrate their understanding of the contemporary world by successfully completing the program's introductory course. This course exposes students to an interdisciplinary approach to understanding the major contemporary issues facing the world.
  5. Study abroad: students must study abroad for at least one semester in their region of focus and chosen language.