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International and Global Studies Requirements

A major must specialize in one of the following tracks: African Studies, East Asian Studies, European Studies, Latin American Studies, Middle East and North Africa Studies, Russian and East European Studies, South Asian Studies, Global Environmental Change, Global Gender and Sexuality Studies, or Global Security Studies. IGS majors may not double count any course, including required language courses, towards their regional or thematic specialization.

All majors must complete: IGST 0101, five regional or thematic courses, three global courses for the regional tracks (from the Global list) or three regional courses for the thematic tracks (from the Regional list). Students must also study one of the non-English languages taught at Middlebury; study abroad for at least one semester on a Middlebury Program; complete at least one advanced level language course upon return from abroad; and take a 0400 level IGST senior seminar. 

For the of the class of 2022 and 2022.5 only: in lieu of study abroad, students will take a minimum of two language courses at 300 level and above.

Senior Program: The senior program consists of: (1) a senior IGST seminar at 400-level or with permission of IGS director, a thematic senior seminar in a department and (2) an upper-level course, preferably two, in the language of emphasis. The language departments determine which courses fulfill this requirement, in consultation with the program director.

Honors: Students who seek to graduate with Honors may elect to write a two-term senior honors thesis. Students are eligible to write an honors thesis if they have a 3.5 GPA or better in all courses that count for the major. These include all language courses, all regional courses, all global courses, all courses taken abroad, and all courses with an IGST designation. Thesis grades do not count in the calculation of the GPA for honors. Thesis guidelines can be found at go/igsthesis.

Honors are awarded to students with a GPA of 3.5 and a thesis grade of B+; high honors to students with a GPA of 3.7 and a thesis grade of A- or A; and highest honors to students with a GPA of 3.8 and a thesis grade of A.

Seniors wishing to pursue a one semester independent research project should register for IGST 0700.

Winter Term Course: Students may count no more than one winter term course taken at Middlebury towards IGS requirements, pending approval of the track director. Students wishing to count a winter term course must provide the track director with a copy of the course syllabus.

Minors: There is no IGS minor. However, IGS majors are strongly encouraged to minor in any department or program that can accommodate them, so long as they do not double-count any course. Students wishing to minor in the department that teaches the IGS language of their focus should discuss their minor with the IGS director.

Advanced Placement: Advanced Placement credit will not count toward the major.

Regional and Thematic Track requirements:

Program in International and Global Studies

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