Students interested in International and Global Studies should first contact the Director and set up an appointment.

Once a student chooses a region (e.g., European Studies), the track director for that region becomes the principal administrative contact for the student. In addition, students will choose a disciplinary academic adviser. Students who write a thesis may pick their thesis adviser from their disciplinary specialization and their second reader, who must be from a different department. The International Studies director is always available for consultation.

Step 1

Click the image below to track who is in charge of the various components of your IS degree.

Advising Wizard

Step 2

Use the links below to review and and record your progress toward completing the requirements for the major, and to complete your Degree Audit Form.  Seniors must complete the Degree Audit form during the first semester of the senior year and submit a copy to the Registrar's Office. Seniors should also submit both forms to the Academic Coordinator for International Global Studies at that time.

Step 3

Use this guide to see what courses count for the Regional Specialization.

Use this list to see what courses count for Global Courses.

Program in International and Global Studies

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