International Studies Honors Theses


Casey W. Mahoney

Putting Local 'Self' Government in its Place: The Authoritarian Russian State's Capture of Local Autonomy, 2000-2011.


Daniel Hutchins Langfitt

Perceptions of Political Legitimacy in the Franco-Russian Encounter of 1814


Dan Langfitt

Professor Sergei Davydov, Daniel Hutchins Langfitt, and Professor Paul Monod



Jessica Clayton

The Development Impact of Remittances in Latin America: A Comparative Analysis of Panel Data and Household Surveys

Elizabeth Herron-Sweet

The Right to Memory and Truth: Evaluating the Consequences of Transitional Justice Policy in Brazil


Beck, Amy

El Legado de Tupak Katari (The Legacy of Tupak Katari)


Kuhl, Laura

Losing a Stigmatized Commons: Identity and Community Solidarity for Ecuadorian Concheros


Fleishman, Ian

La Modernité (a)mnésique: Une lecture des Fleurs du mal à la lumière de Walter Benjamin (Memory and Forgetting in the Modern Metropolis: Benjamin's Reading of Baudelaire's Flowers of Evil

Die Fatale Erinnerung der Flânerie (Mnemonic Metropolitan Wandering and the Dialectics of Forgetting)

Harnisch, Christopher

Jihad of the Vote: The Struggle for an Islamic Democracy in Egypt


Stauch, Jeff

Popular Monopolies: A Study of Separatist Violence and Restraint in Western Europe Since 1945


Riveiro, Javier Fernández

L'intégration culturelle et la participation politique des immigrés maghrébins en France (Cultural Assimilation and Political Participation of Maghrebi Immigrants in France)

Rudd, Kristina

Death Is Following Us: The Impoverishment of the Ugandan Batwa Associated with Bwindi Impenetrable National Park


Hatch, Michael

Exploring and Transcending Modern China: The Figurative Works of Tian Liming and Liu Qinghe

Kiratli, Elif

Die Rückforderung verlorener Identitäten: Die soziale Integrations der zweiten Generation turkischer Frauen in die heutige deutsche Gesellschaft (Reclaiming Lost Identities: The Social Integration of Second Generation Turkish Women into contemporary German Society)


Stringer, Dana

El lenguaje vanguardista e indagación en la alteridad: Carpentier, Asturias, y Arguedas. ("Vaguardist Language and the Investigation of Alterity: Carpentier, Asturias, and Arguedas")


Deese, Brian

The Fate of Regional Integration in Argentina: Historical Perspectives and Future Prospects

Loring, Krustin

Nostalgia in Chinese Ink Painting

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