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2014 Annual International Politics and Economics Symposium

Third Annual International Politics and Economics Program Symposium

Crisis and Confusion: Responses to Global Economic Turbulence

Friday, September 12, 2014
Robert A. Jones '59 House Conference Room

Economic crises are recurring features of the global economy. Incidents may be spread across decades or continents, but they share many characteristics. Often, economic crises cause social and political upheaval. In this symposium, we examine a range of economic crises, delve into their causes and consequences, and discuss optimal policies for dealing with their aftermath.



12:00-5:15 PM Three Panel Discussions
Robert A. Jones ’59 House Conference Room

Buffet lunch will be available starting at 11:45


12:00-12:15 PM

Welcome and Opening Remarks

Allison Stanger
Director of International Politics and Economics


12:15-1:45 PM Panel One
Is the Crisis of 2007-2008 Unusual? An Historical Perspective
Michael Bordo
Board of Governors Professor of Economics
Rutgers University

Moderator: Letica Arroyo Abad, Economics
Student Chair: Forest Jarvis, 2015


1:45-2:00 PM Coffee Break


2:00-3:30 PM Panel Two
Sovereign Crises in Latin America
Graciela Kaminsky
Professor of Economics and International Affairs
George Washington University

Moderator: Racha Moussa, Economics
Student Chair: Josh Kruskal, 2015


3:30-3:45 PM Coffee Break


3:45-5:15 PM Panel Three

Do Washington and Berlin Handle Economic Meltdowns Differently? Ideas and Leadership during a Time of Crisis

Matthias Matthijs 
Assistant Professor of International Political Economy
John Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies

Moderator: Jeffrey Cason, Political Science
Student Chair: Sanela Smaka, 2015


5:30-7:00 PM Break for Dinner


7:15-8:30 PM Roundtable Discussion
Robert A. Jones ’59 House Conference Room

Michael Bordo, Graciela Kaminsky, and Matthias Matthijs
Chair: Allison Stanger, Director, International Politics and Economics


International Politics and Economics Program, C.A. Johnson Economics Fund, Rohatyn Center for Global Affairs, Academic Enrichment Fund, the Departments of History and Political Science, the Programs in European Studies and Latin American Studies, and Atwater, Brainerd, and Cook Commons

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