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CRN: 21180

Intro Modern Hebrew III
Introductory Modern Hebrew III
This course is a continuation of Modern Hebrew 0102 which will be offered during winter term. Students will further develop their skills in written and oral communication, and will expand their knowledge of the cultures of modern Israel through both audio and visual media. (HEBM 0102 or equivalent) 5 hrs. lect.


CRN: 21383

Intermediate Modern Hebrew II
Intermediate Modern Hebrew II
This is the fifth in the sequence of Modern Hebrew courses that focus on the acquisition of reading, listening, writing, and speaking skills. This course will further increase the students' fluency in spoken Hebrew, as well as their facility in reading authentic texts dealing with both secular and religious Jewish cultures, the literature of modern-day Israel, Israeli history, and current events. By the end of the semester, students should attain the level of educated, non-native speakers of Modern Hebrew, in terms of knowledge of grammar, vocabulary, composition, and communicative competence. (HEBM 0201 or equivalent) 5 hrs. lect/disc.


CRN: 22566

Israeli Soc. Through Films
Israeli Society through Modern Films (In English)
Though Israel is often in the news, most people know little of its vibrant popular culture, or how its cultural products offer the nation an opportunity to represent itself to itself in surprising and thoughtful ways. In this course we will examine Israeli culture, society, and history through contemporary Israeli cinema. The films address such themes as the experiences of Holocaust survivors and new immigrants, relationships among Israeli Jews from different origins, army service, life both in the kibbutz and the city, and the Israeli-Arab conflict. Focus will be on films that have enjoyed both popular and critical success in Israel such as Waltz with Bashir, Beyond the Sea, and Sweat Mud.


CRN: 21212

Independent Project
Independent Project
(Approval Required)


CRN: 21213

Independent Project
Independent Project
(Approval Required)

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