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CRN: 20996

Intro Modern Hebrew III
Introductory Modern Hebrew III
This course is a continuation of Modern Hebrew 0102 which will be offered during winter term. Students will further develop their skills in written and oral communication, and will expand their knowledge of the cultures of modern Israel through both audio and visual media. (HEBM 0102 or equivalent) 5 hrs. lect.


CRN: 22363

Hebrew for Arabic Speakers
Hebrew for Arabic Speakers
This course is designed for students who have basic knowledge in Arabic and wish to expedite their ability to function in modern Hebrew, in all language skills (reading, writing, listening and speaking). We  will cover all of the basic Hebrew structures and vocabulary as well as important aspects of Israeli culture. It will use authentic materials, including movies, TV series, stories and Israeli news items. 5 hrs. Lect.


CRN: 22229

Intermediate Modern Hebrew II
Intermediate Modern Hebrew II
This is the fifth in the sequence of Modern Hebrew courses that focus on the acquisition of reading, listening, writing, and speaking skills. This course will further increase the students' fluency in spoken Hebrew, as well as their facility in reading authentic texts dealing with both secular and religious Jewish cultures, the literature of modern-day Israel, Israeli history, and current events. By the end of the semester, students should attain the level of educated, non-native speakers of Modern Hebrew, in terms of knowledge of grammar, vocabulary, composition, and communicative competence. (HEBM 0201 or equivalent) 5 hrs. lect/disc.


CRN: 21958

Revival of the Hebrew Language
The Sleeping Beauty: Themes in the Cultural and Linguistic History of the Hebrew Language
The Hebrew Language has been awakened. In this course we will explore when, where, why, and by whom was this Sleeping Beauty revived; how both its awakening and hibernation has been connected to linguistic, cultural, and societal transformation over 25 centuries. We will examine poetry, liturgy, Midrash, and other writing by philosophers, poets, linguists, and religious leaders. We will discuss the connection of the revival of the language to the Zionist movement. Throughout the course we will try to answer questions such as: Why do we regard Hebrew as one and the same language after three millennia of constant linguistic change? Was the revival of Hebrew a miracle or a failure? How did Hebrew influence Jewish practices of exegesis? This course counts towards the Jewish Studies minor (JWTS). 3 hrs. lect./disc.


CRN: 21024

Independent Project
Independent Project
(Approval Required)


CRN: 21025

Independent Project
Independent Project
(Approval Required)


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CRN: 22285

Middle East Political Religion
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Middle Eastern Political Religion
Since the Iranian Revolution of 1979 and the rise of Religious Zionism in Israel, Middle Eastern politics and religion have become inextricably linked. In this course we examine the relationship between politics and religion in the Arab states, Israel, and Iran. Readings include selections from the scriptures of the monotheistic traditions, historical accounts of religious and political change, and theoretical analyses of historical trends. Throughout the term we will follow news accounts of current developments in the Middle East. 3 hrs. lect.


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Readings in Modern European History: The Nazis and the Jews
Hitler and his functionaries in the Nazi Party initiated and led a vicious campaign to annihilate the Jews of Europe during the Second World War. This seminar will examine the issues and events that helped shape the National Socialist worldview of individuals and groups during the Nazi Holocaust, and will close with an examination of how modern European cultures have addressed the legacy of the Nazi past, including such topics as Holocaust denial and memorialization. (formerly HIST 0424) 3 hr. sem.

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