This program offers a minor in Jewish Studies to students who complete the following requirements:

(1) One of the following courses that offer a broad introduction to the study of Judaism:

RELI 0160 The Jewish Tradition

RELI/CLAS 0162 The Formation of Judaism in Antiquity


(2) Three additional courses pertinent to Jewish Studies from among the following:

GRMN 0325 Representing the Unthinkable: The Holocaust in Art and Literature

HEBM 0220 Modern Hebrew Culture in Translation

HIST 0250: The Jews in Modern Europe

HIST 0257 The Holocaust

HIST 0424 Readings in Modern European History: The Nazis and the Jews

INTL 0343 State and Society in Contemporary Israel

RELI 0260 Classical Jewish Texts

RELI 0180 Biblical Literature

RELI 0280 Hebrew Bible / Old Testament

Up to two courses in Hebrew language or texts (HEBR 0201 and higher) may count toward the requirements for the minor

(3) A 0300-level seminar in Jewish Studies;

RELI 0360 Seminar in Jewish Thought

RELI 0362 Zionism: Idea and Realities

RELI 0380 Seminar in Biblical Studies

Other appropriate courses may be substituted for courses in categories (2) or (3) with the permission of the program director.