This program offers a minor in Jewish Studies to students who complete the following requirements:

(1) One of the following courses that offer a broad introduction to the study of Judaism:

RELI 0160 The Jewish Tradition

RELI 0161 Making of Modern Jewish Life

RELI/CLAS 0162 The Formation of Judaism in Antiquity

RELI 0165 Cultures of the Jews

(2) Three additional courses pertinent to Jewish Studies from among the following:

ENAM/LITS 1022 Kafka and his Influence
GRMN 0325 Representing the Unthinkable: The Holocaust in Art and Literature

HEBM 0230 Israeli Authors

HEBM 0236 Israel from the Margins

HIST 0250 The Jews in Modern Europe

HIST 0257 The Holocaust

HIST 0424 Readings in Modern European History: The Nazis and the Jews

INTD 1156 Jewish Humor: No Joke!

JWST/SOAN 0234 State and Society in Contemporary Israel

RELI 0180 Biblical Literature

RELI 0260 Classical Jewish Texts

RELI 0280 Hebrew Bible / Old Testament

Up to two courses in Hebrew language or texts (HEBR or HEBM 0201 and higher) may count toward the requirements for the minor

(3) A 0300-level seminar in Jewish Studies;

RELI 0360 Seminar in Jewish Thought

RELI 0362 Zionism: Idea and Realities

RELI 0380 Seminar in Biblical Studies

Other appropriate courses may be substituted for courses in categories (2) or (3) with the permission of the program director.

Program in Jewish Studies

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