Middlebury College “Ask a Librarian” Privacy Policy

The Middlebury College Libraries respect the rights and privacy of our patrons and their records in accordance with institutional and professional policies and state law. The Library understands "patron records" to include all records containing identifying information about patrons, including the contextual information in transcripts of reference interactions (including email, IM/Chat, or text messages).

Information

Our “Ask a Librarian” services (chat, email, text) are open to everyone, and we do not require a Middlebury account to ask a question. However, the librarian might ask for your telephone number or e-mail address so that he or she can call or e-mail you in order to best work on more complex questions. The librarian might also ask whether or not you are affiliated with Middlebury College in order to identify the most appropriate resources responding to your questions. Many of our databases are licensed for use only by the Middlebury College community.

Answering Your Question

We work in a collaborative fashion with our Library colleagues, and in some cases your question may be forwarded to another staff member to help us provide you with the best answer. Your contact information will be sent along with your question so that we can respond in a timely manner.

Stored Information

Chat transcripts are stored securely on our chat provider's servers and may also be downloaded to secure storage on the library's servers. We access these transcripts to evaluate the quality of our service and for statistical purposes. We do not provide transcripts to any other individuals or institutions. That same is true for email messages and any text messages sent to “Ask a Librarian.”

For more information about Middlebury College, the Library, & privacy, refer to this section of the Middlebury College Handbook.

Please send comments or questions to Terry Simpkins (tsimpkin@middlebury.edu)

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