Interlibrary Loan (ILL)

Expand your access to resources!  Use Interlibrary loan (ILL), to borrow research materials (when available for lending) from hundreds of other libraries. Be sure to check Midcat first before requesting items from other libraries.

What is Interlibrary Loan (ILL)?

Books, articles, and other materials not owned by the Middlebury College Libraries can often be obtained from other locations for current students, faculty and staff of Middlebury College.  We will attempt to borrow any materials needed but are unable to guarantee success for all requests.

Borrowed items are subject to any restrictions imposed by the lender. These include the loan period length, "in library use only" restrictions, and whether or not renewals will be granted. Photocopies may be retained by the patron unless otherwise advised. All photocopy requests are subject to copyright restrictions. We use ILL to request materials from around the world, so items ordered via ILL may take longer and have shorter loan periods or fewer renewals than items ordered via NExpress, but our pool of potential lenders is much greater.

Materials borrowed from CRL are the exception to ILL normal due date and renewal limits.  As long as CRL materials are not needed by another institution we are able to renew CRL materials indefinitely.

What is RapidILL?

RapidILL, also referred to simply as Rapid, is an expedited ILL service specifically for article requests.  Rapid reviews incoming requests in ILLiad and automatically orders any article request with sufficient information.

Requests must have a valid ISSN and a four digit year in order to be processed by Rapid.

What Can I Request?

Many types of items can be borrowed. Books are usually borrowed in print copy. Newspapers are usually provided in micro-form covering multiple weeks. Journal articles are sent as photocopies or digital copies.

Media items: DVDs, CDs, etc, can be ordered, but may take longer to arrive.

Dissertations and theses are provided in print copy or in microform, if we can get them. See the section on Theses and Dissertations From Other Institutions for more details and options.

Materials usually not available for loan include: rare or fragile items, such as manuscripts, reference books, genealogical materials, new books, electronic resources such as databases, computer files, and ebooks.  If in doubt, request the material and we will let you know if we can't get it.

What can be borrowed from Center for Research Libraries (CRL)?

Middlebury is a member of the Center for Research Libraries and can borrow any materials from their collection. CRL materials can be borrowed for an extended loan period if no one else requests the item!  CRL specializes in harder to get periodicals (including many foreign language newspapers and journals) and other resources. See their collections description. Search the CRL catalog to identify items, and then request them via ILL and note it's available from CRL.

CRL items can now be discovered and ordered by searching the ConnectNY catalog!

How Do I Make a Request ?

Search for the item in Midcat or Summon to see if Middlebury owns the item. 

For non-article items, if we don't have it or our copy is unavailable, click on the WORLDCAT icon in your midcat results and repeat the search. If the item is available through Worldcat, follow on screen prompts to make your request.

Request articles and any items not listed in Worldcat directly through Illiad, our worldwide interlibrary loan service.

Alternative method: many of our journal databases have a feature to check if we own an item.  Labeling varies but it often says something like Middlebury links or Find at Middlebury, etc.  If it doesn't find a match in our holdings, you'll be given a direct link for ILLiad.

How long will it take for my ILL to arrive?

Our average turnaround for ILL is currently 1.31 days for articles, and 9 days for loans.  However some materials will take much longer to arrive.  The easiest way to tell how long it will take for an item to arrive is to look in WorldCat.  Worldcat identifies how many libraries worldwide own an item.  The more libraries that own the item, the faster it will arrive.

We occasionally order items from other countries such as the UK, Germany or Australia.  Items coming from abroad will often take 4-6 weeks to arrive.

Items ordered from UVM and former NExpress schools should arrive in 3-4 days or less.

What Is the Loan Period ?

Usually three to four weeks, but the lending library determines the time period and any other restrictions. Items from Center for Research Libraries (CRL) can often be borrowed for extended periods.

Can I renew my ILL materials?

Yes, for most items:

From within ILLiad, select “Checked Out Items” from the menu on the left. Open the item you would like to renew by clicking on the request number. Click “Renew Request” at the top of the detailed information page to place the renewal request.

There is a limited window of opportunity for placing a renewal.  Renewals can only be placed 10 days before the due date through one day beyond the original due date.

Items already identified as non-renewable will have no button. However, each renewal request is sent to the lender for review, and it is up to the lender to grant or decline our renewal request, so seeing the button in ILLiad is NOT a guarantee of a renewal.

ILL staff will update Millennium and ILLiad with the dates provided by the Lending Libraries, and e-mail patrons when a renewal has been denied.  You can check the status of your renewal in ILLiad or in My MIDCAT



I just returned my ILL because it was due, can I request it again?

Yes, if the book can no longer be renewed, you can clone your request in ILLiad to easily resubmit it to ILL for processing.

Items needed for extended periods of time can also be suggested for purchase go/purchaserequest.

If the item has not yet been shipped back, it may still be possible to renew an ILL (with the permission of the Lender), but remember renewals are not guaranteed.

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