The minor consists of a minimum of five courses: two required introductory level courses [LNGT 0101 and either LNGT 0102 or LNGT/SOAN 0109]

Core courses for the minor are as follows:

LNGT 0101 Introduction to Linguistics
LNGT 0102 Introduction to Sociolinguistics or LNGT/SOAN 0109 Language, Culture, Society

Courses at Middlebury College that count as electives include the following (students are advised to check with the director for a complete list of courses that count as electives):

CHNS 0270 Chinese Sociolinguistics
CSCI 0457 Natural Language Processing
GRMN 0340 The Structure of German
INTD/ARBC 0111 Diversity of Human Language
ITAL 0401 History of Italian Language
LNGT 0201 Introduction to Romance Linguistics
PHIL 0180 Introduction to Modern Logic
PHIL 0354 Philosophy of Language
SOAN 0359 Language and Power
SOAN 0495 Language and Environment
SPAN 0322 Introduction to Spanish Linguistics
SPAN 0390 Linguistic Variation
SPAN 0435 Spanish in the United States
WRPR/EDST 0102 The English Language in a Global Context
LNGT 1001 Introduction to Translation Studies
LNGT/EDST 1004 Second Language Acquisition and Educational Technology