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The linguistics minor consists of a minimum of five courses: two required introductory level courses and three electives.

Required courses for the minor are as follows:
LNGT 0101 Introduction to Linguistics or LNGT/ANTH 0125 Language Structure and Function
LNGT 0102 Introduction to Sociolinguistics or LNGT/ANTH 0109 Language, Culture, Society

Electives include the following:
LNGT 0226 Phonetics and Phonology
LNGT 0250 Morphology and Syntax
LNGT 0280 Formal Semantics
LNGT/WRPR 0110 English Grammar: Concepts & Controversies
LNGT/EDST 0205 Second Language Acquisition and Educational Technology
LNGT/JAPN 0210 Japanese Linguistics
LNGT/ARBC 0225 Arabic Linguistics
LNGT/ARBC 0227 Arabic Sociolinguistics
LNGT/RUSS 0232 Nature and Origin of Language
LNGT/CHNS 0270 Chinese Sociolinguistics
LNGT/SPAN 0303 Introduction to Spanish Phonetics/Pronunciation (taught in Spanish)
LNGT/JAPN 0310 Variation & Change in Japanese
LNGT/SPAN 0317 Spanish Pronunciation (taught in Spanish)
LNGT/SPAN 0322 Introduction to Hispanic Linguistics (taught in Spanish)
LNGT/SPAN Bilingualism in the Spanish-speaking World (taught in Spanish)
LNGT/PHIL 0354 Philosophy of Language
LNGT/GRMN 0370 German Linguistics (taught in German)
LNGT/SPAN 0390 Linguistic Variation (taught in Spanish)
LNGT/ANTH 0395 Environmental Communication
LNGT/ARBC 0421 Arabic Linguistic Variation (taught in Arabic)
LNGT/SPAN 0426 Spanish in the US (taught in Spanish)
LNGT/ARBC 0435 Arabic Diglossia (taught in Arabic)
LNGT/ANTH 0459 Language and Power
LNGT 1001 Introduction to Translation Studies
LNGT/EDST 1003 Introduction to TESOL  

Please Note: Students are advised to check with the director for a complete list of courses that count as electives. All electives are taught in English, unless otherwise indicated.