Senior Thesis Projects

The following is a sampling of senior thesis projects that have been completed in Linguistics:


Hench, Christopher: "Teaching Modal Particles: Didactic Challenges and an Analysis of Textbooks for Learners of German" ("Zur Didaktik der Modalpartikeln: Eine Diskussion der heutigen Debatte und eine Analyse der Lehrbücher für deutschlernende Amerikaner"


Conklin, Jenna: " Language Change and Text Change: On the Position of the Verb in Martin Luther's Translation of the Bible" ("Sprachwandel und Textänderung: Zur Entwicklung der Verbstellung in Martin Luthers Bibelübersetzungen")

Hopewood, Ian: "The Persistent Minority: Cultural and Linguistics Convergence of the Amish" ("Die andauernde Minderheit: Eine Erforschung der kulturellen und linguistischen Konvergenz der Amischen")

Jia, Eliot: "Voice Recognition"


Vincek, Caitlin: "Un-dictionary: An Insider's Guide to Slang and Profanity in Another Language

Washington, Hannah: "Anomalies in Romance Noun Gender: The Evolution of Latin Nouns and Cross-linguistic Variation"

Washington, Hannah: "Gender in Romance Languages"


Kilborn, Emily: "The Politics of Language in Europe"

Marks, Kylie: "Bad Means Good: A Study of Positive Evaluative Slang Expressions at Middlebury"


Harris, C. Elise: "Grammaticalization: Conceptions and Perspectives"

Mallott, Ken: "Unity and Unification: A Survey of National Language Planning in Arabic and Chinese"

Reynolds, Colleen: "Learning as an L2: An Applied Linguistic Perspective on Listening,"