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INTD 1190 - Ethnomathematics      

Ethnomathematics: A Cultural View of Mathematical Ideas and Methods
What are the cultural roots of the mathematics we study and use today?  Even though it has been developed by individuals from widely varying cultural contexts, we take the verity, consistency, and universality of mathematics for granted.  How does the western tradition stand in comparison to the mathematics developed by indigenous societies, labor communities, religious traditions, and other groups that can be studied ethnographically?  By examining the cultural influences on people and the mathematics they practice, we shall deepen our understanding of mathematics and its relationship to society. CMP WTR

Winter 2018

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MATH 0121 - Calculus I      

Calculus I
Introductory analytic geometry and calculus. Topics include limits, continuity, differential calculus of algebraic and trigonometric functions with applications to curve sketching, optimization problems and related rates, the indefinite and definite integral, area under a curve, and the fundamental theorem of calculus. Inverse functions and the logarithmic and exponential functions are also introduced along with applications to exponential growth and decay. 4 hrs. lect./disc. DED

Fall 2016, Spring 2017

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MATH 0200 - Linear Algebra      

Linear Algebra
Matrices and systems of linear equations, the Euclidean space of three dimensions and other real vector spaces, independence and dimensions, scalar products and orthogonality, linear transformations and matrix representations, eigenvalues and similarity, determinants, the inverse of a matrix and Cramer's rule. (MATH 0121 or by waiver) 3 hrs. lect./disc. DED

Spring 2016

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MATH 0500 - Advanced Study      

Advanced Study
Individual study for qualified students in more advanced topics in algebra, number theory, real or complex analysis, topology. Particularly suited for those who enter with advanced standing. (Approval required) 3 hrs. lect./disc.

Fall 2018, Fall 2019

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