The department prides itself on providing a rich experience for its majors that extends well beyond the classroom. You are strongly encouraged to participate in all of the following activities.

Student Activities Committee:
The principle job of the student activities committee has been to assist the department in the hiring and review of faculty, but there is plenty more to do here. Students are encouraged to get involved at all levels -- helping with the weekly seminar, managing the department's homepage, suggesting elective course offerings, etc. This committee is essentially what you want to make it.

Putnam Exam:
This is a national mathematics contest given annually on a Saturday near the beginning of December. Middlebury enters a team, but as many individuals may enter as are interested. Come see how you fare against the best math students in the country (and receive a free lunch at Mr. Ups, courtesy of the department.)

Tutoring and Grading:
This is a much needed service and a great way to earn some money during the year. Also, grading and tutoring for first and second year courses is a great way to solidify your understanding of this material and get an idea of what goes into math and computer science teaching. (For applications to be a math tutor or grader, please contact the Mathematics Department coordinator or stop by WNS 209 and pick up an application.  Generally a message is sent to all math majors/minors before the end of each semester to recruit tutors/graders for the next academic semester.)

Pizza party/Department picnic:
Several times during the busy year we will get together for pizza or picnics. This is just a chance to relax and get to know each other outside of the classroom. Find out what your fellow majors are up to, or what your professors do when they are not marking up your papers.

Department of Mathematics

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