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Alex Lyford, along with research assistants Thomas Rahr ('20) and Tina Chen ('18)

recently published an article entitled Using Camels to Teach Probability and Expected Value in the journal Teaching Statistics. This article was the culmination of a project where Alex, Tom, and Tina developed 1) a classroom activity designed to teach students how to reason about probability in the context of the board game, Camel Up and 2) an app designed to help students better understand probability through the use of simulation. In Camel Up, players place bets on various camel races, and the player with the most money at the end of the game wins! Players with a developed knowledge of probability and expected value typically outperform those without such knowledge, and this activity is designed to teach that knowledge in a way that can be transferred to other situations such as making decisions about jobs or insurance. Alex loves using this activity in MATH116 - Introduction to Statistical Science.

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