Listed below are a few projects that faculty and students in the Mathematics department have developed.

This document is a proof writing handbook for students written and edited by Priscilla Bremser and her Winter Term 2002 MA 091 students: Kido Kidolezi '05, David Molk '04, Maurice Opara '04, and Dan Shea '04.

The Chance Project

This site contains materials to help teach a Chance course that introduces probability and statistics in the context of current news stories. Bill Peterson is one of the developers of the course. Bill and Jeanne Albert are co-editors of the Chance wiki. Click here for Jeanne and Bill's recent webinar about posting to the wiki.

Integration Applet

This applet computes the area under a given curve using a variety of integration methods. The applet was created by Paul Caprioli.

Integers as Sums of CubesIntegers as Sums of Cubes

This document lists all integers N for n<40,001 and the corresponding value of s(N), where s(N) is the minimum number of cubes required to write N.  The list resulted from a program written by Anna Blasiak ‘07 for Stephanie Levine’s thesis (fall 2008).

Video timeline created by Neil Baron '10 and Danny Crow '10 in Pete Schumer's History of Mathematics Class (MATH 261 - spring, 2010).

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