Private Music Lessons

The Fall 2016 music lesson series begins September 19 for ten weeks.  

Online registration is open September 12-16

One-on-one lessons meet once per week for 45 minutes for ten weeks.
Price: $435.00 [Billed to your student account] Students involved in ensembles and/or music performance courses receive 1/2 off. Music majors receive lessons at no cost. A limited amount of financial assistance is available to qualified students. Apply in the music department during registration week.




Bagpipes and Celtic Whistle,
Irish and Scottish Harp

Timothy Cummings, bagpipes,
Irish whistle

Dominique Dodge, Celtic harp


Russ Lawton, drums

Fiddle, Banjo,
Beginning Mandolin

Peter Sutherland


Paul Asbell,
acoustic/electric guitar

Dayve Huckett, acoustic/electric
guitar and ukulele

Eric Despard, classical guitar


Mark Lavoie, harmonica

Piano, Harpsichord,
and Organ

Sadie Brightman, piano

Diana Fanning, piano

Emory Fanning, organ

Dick Forman, jazz piano

Cynthia Huard, piano, harpsichord

Natasha Koval Paden, piano




Paul Reynolds, viola

Dieuwke Davydov, cello

Glendon Ingalls, bass

Mary Rowell, violin, viola


Carol Christensen

Dick Forman, jazz voice

Susanne Peck

Beth Thompson

Winds, horns and reeds

Miles Donahue, saxophone

Mia Fritze,
french horn

Dan Frostman, oboe

Glendon Ingalls, trumpet

Bear Irwin, trombone

Anne Janson, flute

Steven Klimowski, clarinet

Department of Music

Mahaney Center for the Arts
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Middlebury College
Middlebury, VT 05753