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Theses Titles 1961-2018


100. Andrade, Bernardo Portilho: Ethics as First Philosophy


97. Francis, Tavic Oshane Lloyd: Private Property & Contemporary Theories of Distributive Justice

98. Rosenthal, August E.: Philosophies of Punishment: What Family Court Can Teach Us About Criminal Justice

99. Wu, Jingyi: Towards Interactive Objectivity in Social Science: Feminist Social Epistemologies, Methodological Debates in Social Science, and Quantitative Literacy


92. George, Jack Apollo: Border on Belief: A Communitarian Right to Immigration Control

93. Kysela, Kyle: Philosophical Loneliness: Wittgensteinian Approaches to Skepticism

94. LaCroix, Robert James: Grok in Fullness: Interpretive and Explanatory Understanding

95. Pappalardo, Gioia: Anti-Reductionist Arguments Against a New Wave Theory of Reduction: Multiple Realizability and the Explanatory Gap

96. Pokorny, Annie: Knowing Like a Girl: Feminist Phenomenology and the Philosophy of Sport


90. Doyle, Yannick: A Defense of Epistemic Permissivism

91. Harper, Blake: Justification and the Disappearing Gap: Two Essays on the Philosophy of Perception & the Philosophy of Religion


85. Bates, Sarah Ruth: Which Life to Live? The Best Way of Life According to Aristotle

86. Gadomski, Michael: Global Justice and State Sovereignty: In Defense of an Autonomy-Based Account

87. Macrone, Julian: Aspects of Intention

88. Netland, Edward R.: Hedonism, Consequentialism and Moral Judgment

89. Risinger, Devin: Interpretive Monism: An Investigation of Intentional State


81. Cole, Robert: After Reference

82. Matunas, Adrienne C.: God, Evolution, and Morality's Foundation

83. Marlette, Zachary Michael: Approaching Contemporary Medical Ethical Issues with Virtue Ethics

84. Munoz Rivera, Juan Sebastian: Intersubjective Redescription: A sphere of meaning in a liberal community


78. Smith, Taylor: Inside Meaning: A Critique of Semantic and Content Externalism

79. Taylor, Josh: On the Hart-Dworkin Debate: An Examination of Legal Positivism

80. Udell, Jacob: Heidegger's Transcendental Ontology: A study of Heidegger's Kant and the Problem of Metaphysics


72. Andrews, Salen: The Shifting Sands of Morality: The Role of Changing Moral Perceptions in Warfare in Developing a Legitimate Structure for the Moral Rules of War

73. De Golia, Peter: Towards a Phenomenology of Value in Wittgenstein's Philosophical Project

74. Irie, Mitsuteru Terry: How Things Exist: Nāgārjuna's Two Truths for Unenlightened Minds

75. Krahn, Martin: An End to the End of Philosophy: Badiou's Response to Derrida and Postmodernity

76. Mulligan, Lark: Like a Gun Without Sights How the Juridical-Psychiatric Construction of the Sexual Predator Coercively Structures our Knowledge and Legitimates State Epistemic Authority

77. Seira, Rodrigo: Thus Spoke Heraclitus: an Aesthetic Solution to the Crisis of Modernity


66. Gaewsky, Emily: Exploring Madness in Descartes’ Cogito

67. Jawin, Alixandra: A Contemporary Analysis of Aristotelian Ethics

68. Krivitzky, Aaron: The Philosophy of Character Vertigo: An Essay on Choice, Anxiety, Freedom, and the Self

69. McKay, Robert: Green Christian Theology and The Environmental Crisis

70. Sardi, John-Paul: Normative Principles in Explanation

71. Schaller, Konstantin: Individualism from Hobbes to Hegel


62. Cho, H. Jin: Toward a Russian Philosophy: Three Essays by N.A. Berdiaev

63. Lister, Jacob: Nietzsche and Metaphysical Thought

64. Owens, Brendan: Not Human, All Too Human

65. Smyser, Claire: You are my Sunshine: Why Living with Others Makes us Happy and Living in Others Doesn't


57. Bailey, Olivia: War Technology and the 'Saving Power'

58. Bergesen, Kevin: Moral and Legal Limits of Individual Liberty

59. Klein, Ricky: All Things Being Equal? Two Arguments for God and the Implications for Religious Proof

60. Mudd, Marina Ryabtseva: Strange Bedfellows: Redefining Objectivity and Historical Interpretation

61. Strauss, Lewis: A Van der Pol Circuit and a Theory of Explanation


55. Brito, Joseph: An Evolution of Form: Ernst Cassirer and the Warburg Library

56. Rundberg, Julina: The Ethics of Self-Love a feminist reading of freedom, power and the individual in Spinoza's metaphysics.


52. Ott, Cicely: Moral Duty in the Face of Extreme Poverty

53. Sikri, Rohan: An Inquiry concerning Skepticism/ On the Similarities and Differences of Wittgensteinian and Heideggerian Responses to Skepticism

54. Vito, Brian: Meaning and Logic/ Gongsun Long, John Locke and Ludwig Wittgenstein


48. Feldmann, Mary Clare: Removing Magic and Forgetting Spells: An Ending for Hannah Arendt

49. Siegel, Jena: Reconceptualizing Autonomy: Negotiating Women's Agency and Domestic Violence

50. Smith, Hunter: Nietzsche, Saussure and Derrida: Metaphysics and Signification

51. Webb, Peter: Language and Thought: Social and Natural Perspectives


45. Glynn, Edward: A Study in Weakness of the Will

46. Kurkovsky, Diana: The "Death of Art," Danto's Postmodern Hegelianism, and Nietzsche's Aesthetic Solution

47. Morris, Benjamin: The Minimization of Econo-Moral Conflict in Corporate Theory


42. Coffin, Jaed: Grounding Language In Ordinary Life: A Reading of The Early Part of Wittgenstein's Philosophical Investigations

43. Frank, Jeff: Re-Turning Philosophy and Art: An examination of the nature of Art and Thought in Heidegger, Nietzsche and Tolstoy

44. Walters, Khalilah: Wittgenstein and the Language of the Polis


37. Boarini, Timothy William: Justice as Fairness Inside Out: An Investigation and Defense of Rawlsian Theory

38. Cohen, David: A Commentary on Locke's Letter Concerning Toleration

39. Dungan, Jason: Phantom Limbs, Perception, and Reality: Finding the Self in the World

40. Engelstein, Lisa: A Feminist Approach to Bioethics

41. Robert, Zachariah: Questioning the Enlightenment: Max Horkheimer and Carl Schmitt. A Study in Contemporary German Thought


33. Field, Meghan: Perspectives on Bioethical Issues

34. Tisne, Phil: Portrait of the Philosopher: A Series of Essays

35. Wiser, Michael: The Realism of a Realistic Utopia: An Analysis of John Rawls' The Law of Peoples

36. Wool, Matthew: Staring into the Abyss: The Dangers of Technology and the Power of Art in Heidegger's Thought


29. Dentsoras, Dimitrios: From the Doctrine of Creation to the Deification of Man: An Analysis of John Damascene's De fide orthodoxa

30. Obdrzalek, Alice: Catharine MacKinnon's Theory of Pornography as an Illocutionary Action

31. Padgett, Katie: The Birth of Bildung

32. Schnee, Ian: Perspectivism: truth and error


28. Hortas, Carlos: The conceptualization of Persons


26. Foster, Marshall: Beliefs, Desires, and other Everyday Tools: An Argument against Meaning in the Mind

27. Higuera, Mike: An Analysis of Aristotelian Ethics: An inquiry in three parts


23. Budyonny, Lenny: Nietzsche and Foucault on the Philosophy of History: An Analysis

24. Shannon, David: Explanation, Confirmation, and Skepticism. Three Essays on the Purpose and Practice of Science

25. Trager, Robert: Minds, Worlds, and Cultures: An Exploration into the Wittgensteinian Framework


18. Freiberg, Benjamin: HIV Infected Health Care Workers: A Duty to Disclose?

19. Oberdieck, John: Legal Interpetation: The Problems of Determinacy in Legal Reasoning

20. Okin, Gregory: The Hypothesis of the Formal Physical Universe

21. Paxton, Benjamin: Kantian Rationalism and the Idea of God

22. Safar, Claudine: Exposing Ecofeminism, A Critical Analysis of Ecofeminist Theory


16. Bryant, Rachel: Darwin, Whales and the Philosophy of Science

17. Coe, Cindy: Something Unstilled, Unstillable is Within Me: Fragmentation in Self, Woman and Madness


14. Beecher, Jonathan: A Revision of the Metaphysics of Spinoza

15. Weiner, Randy: In Puris Naturalibus- Montaigne's Inquest of Human Reason


12. McMahan, Jeff: Rights and Goods. A Comparative Study of John Rawls and Robert Nozick

13. Prohm, Alan: Yeats and Nietzsche, Affirmative Dialogue


11. Lindert, Jessica: The Private Power of Patriarchy- Male Domination of the Family and Motherhood


6. Aquilino, Chris: An Analysis of John Rawls' A Theory of Justice

7. Cunningham, Sarah: Pascal-Nietzsche-Christianity

8. Shipman, Kimberly: Imposing a Duty to Protect on Psychotherapists: Ethical Questions Raised by Tarasoff v. Regents of the University of California

9. Sylvester, Crystal: An Explanation of Dance and its Creation

10. Watts, Pamela: Nietzsche's Philosophy as seen in the Context of "Life"


3. Grayer, James: Aristotle and Confucius- Two Systems of Virtue Ethics Considered

4. Greenberg, Loria: John Stuart Mills' Marketplace of Ideas and the Quest for Truth

5. Scannell, Tim: From the Life of a Private Man to the Categorical Imperative: The Moral Theories of Plato, Aristotle and Kant


1. Carmichael, Lisa Marie: On Language and Belief

2. Miles, John: From the Objective to the Subjective: The Ethics of Kant and Kierkegaard


Wimberly, John D. Jr.: Intelligence Within Formality: An Inquiry


Maxwell, Bruce: Characteristics of Natural and Social Man: Hobbes, Rousseau and Freud

Pierson, Christopher J.: Bell's Theorem and Its Implications for Scientific World Views


Ashford, Douglas: Animal Rights and Human Morality


Boxer, Stephen J.: On the Relationship Between Biography and Philosophical Thought

Hubbard, Tatiana: Towards an Understanding of Literature: Essays on Twentieth Century Novels and Criticism

Hutton, Catherine Lewis: The Role of Sense Perception in Buddhist Epistemology

McGee, John David: The Sociobiology Question

Murphy, Dale D.: Two Essays in Morality and International Politics


Boulay, Arthur L.: Justice as Fairness/Justice as Action

Lee, Mary A.: The Distinction and Relationship Between the Ethical and the Religious in Kierkegaard's Concluding Unscientific Postscript


MacCrellish, Bruce: Intentionality and Science: The Views of R.M. Chicholm, W.V. Quine, D.C. Dennett


Crane, David: Sympathy and the Possibility of Morality in the Philosophy of David Hume

Gabriel, Bertram III: Hegel's Criticism of Kant

Sterngold, James S: The Meaning of the Subject for Social Science


Hulswit, Cornelia: John Dewey's Educational Philosophy: An Approach


Buchheit, Lee: Benedict de Spinoza -- Intoxicated or Intemperate?


Charlesworth, Nancy: Lucretius


Kirby, John: Aristotle's Defense of Substance in Books Zeta and Eta of the Metaphysics


Alexander, Edwin Michael: A Translation of Martin Heidegger's Essay "Nietzsche's Metaphysics"


Flint, Robin J.: An Explanation of George Berkeley's Theory of Vision


Riker, John: The Problem of Freedom and Determinism in the Metaphysics of Alfred North Whitehead


Scott, Earl: Ideas in Contemporary Metaethics


Radin, Paul Martin: Spinoza's Universe and the Status of Man

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